Pathetic Pettiness of Trump-Hating Media Summed Up By One Meme

Robert Gehl writes that nobody jumps to conclusions faster and with flimsier evidence than the mainstream media.

This is really depressing because they’re supposed to be the ones who look at events with a critical eye – not believing the first thing you see.

So when an image emerged of President Donald Trump listening to Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni speaking at the G7 summit without headphones, it was disappointing that the media made the assumption that he simply wasn’t listening.

And it was the heralded BBC no less.

Diplomatic Correspondent James Landale tweeted what he says was a “short clip that sums up this G7 summit,” editorializing with: “Look who has chosen not to hear a translation of his Italian host’s speech.”

As the camera panned, Trump appeared to be the only world leader not listening to the translation through headphones.

Then the media went ape. Landale’s tweet was shared thousands of times.

Huffington Post editor Sam Stein snarked: “Trump obviously speaks fluent Italian so there is no need for headphones for translation.”

The Mirror went so far as to run a story claiming the falsehood. “Donald Trump ‘caught pretending to listen’ at G7 summit – after crucial mistake ‘gives him away’” was the headline.

German newspaper Der Spiegel ran a story, too.

One problem: It’s not true. Trump was listening to the speech through an earpiece in his right ear, according to press secretary Sean Spicer. “As usual [President Trump] wears a single ear piece for translation in his right ear,” Spicer said on Twitter.

There are even photos of the President with the earpiece in his ear.

You’d think the media will learn their lesson and not jump to conclusions next time.

Don’t hold your breath.