Patriots Call Out NYT For FAKE NEWS About Their White House Visit

The New England Patriots were guests of the White House yesterday, as part of an annual visit by the year’s winning Super Bowl team. This year was no different, unless you’re the New York Times.

The Times, as always, likes to make false claims due to their left-wing bias. But this time, the Patriots fought back.

Background. There were indeed some Patriots players who decided not to attend the White House ceremony for political reasons. Of course, there were some players who chose to do the same while Barack Obama was in office, but you won’t see the New York Times report on that.

What happened? The New York Times tweeted out that a lot less players attended the ceremony under the Trump Administration than did under the Obama Administration:

The Patriots respond.

The Patriots weren’t about to put up with NYT Sports’ lies so they set the record straight:

Apparently the original photo the NYT Sports’ hacks posted contained all of the staff of the Patriots in the photo and then provided a photo to compare:

Why does this matter? It proves that the fake news media will insert politics no matter what. It is no secret that Donald Trump is friends with Patriots owner Bob Kraft, but it’s also no secret that Kraft donated money to Obama’s campaign in the past as well. It’s pretty sad when a sports team calls out the NYT for reporting fake news.

Football, and sports in general, is the one place where people come together and unite for their team, despite any political differences. This is why so many people get angry when politics is infused into sports. Many get away from politics by enjoying team sports and don’t want to hear about it during games, and especially don’t want to hear about politics from sports casters or ignorant sports writers.