Paul Ryan’s Obamacare Bill Pulled From the Floor, Vote Postponed

Well, it happened. I predicted that this would happen, and it did.

Just a few hours ago, I wrote that the GOP Leadership could be pulling the Obamacare repeal and “replace” bill. It has just been confirmed by Fox News and the Associated Press that the President ordered Paul Ryan to withdraw the bill.

Turns out, there are quite a few members of Congress, and their constituents, who are not going to sit and be quiet when it comes to delivering on promises. One of the biggest promises of the 2016 campaign for the Republican Party was the repealing of Obamacare, and at least some elected representatives intend on delivering.

Now, the two houses of Congress, and the White House, are in the hands of the GOP, and they can repeal the atrocity of the ACA. However, the leadership apparently had better ideas, like keeping the Obamacare framework and effectively doing nothing more than slapping a new name on the same idea.

The vigilance of innumerable constituents, and their representatives, helped to prevent Obamacare Lite from becoming a reality. However, I don’t anticipate this will be the end of the issue.

Now, we wait for the possible reprisals against the House Freedom Caucus, and anyone who dared to hold the political class’ feet to the fire.

*Update* 4:04 PM ET:

Speaker Ryan is hosting a a press conference on the decision to pull the bill. Watch below: