Pelosi Threatens Trump’s Budget Proposal

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi threatened that President Donald Trump’s proposed budget won’t “survive the light of day,” during remarks to reporters on Thursday after the budget reveal.

The Washington Examiner reported:

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi called President Trump’s proposed budget a “slap in the face” to Americans and predicted that it will not pass in its current form due to cuts to various governmental departments and agencies.

Pelosi told reporters during her weekly news conference that she cannot see how the budget will “survive the light of day” and ran through a cavalcade of cuts to various departments and agencies, including the National Institute of Health (NIH), the State Department and toward education, specifically through cuts to Pell Grants. She also reiterated her earlier claim that the budget “does not value the future of our children” […]

Overall, the budget, which was released Thursday morning, $54 billion from federal agencies to fund defense spending. The Pentagon is slated to see a 10 percent increase in funding — $52.3 billion, while the Department of Veterans Affairs would see a 5.9 percent uptick in funding ($4.4 billion). Pelosi said that she hopes her Republican colleagues in the House and Senate shoot Trump’s budget down.”I don’t know how that can be justified by anyone. I think they should ask every Republican, ‘do you agree with this?'” Pelosi said. “You have to talk to them about what this means to them. While it may be a statement of President Trump’s values, I hope it’s not the statement of our colleagues’ values.”

Translation: she hopes that her colleagues aren’t on board with the spigot being shut off in a move that greatly benefits Americans for once rather than the political class.

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“Remember this — nothing brings more money to the treasury than investment in education. So when the Republicans say, ‘we need to reduce the deficit and so therefore we must cut education,’ that is a stupid economy,” Pelosi whined about the education cuts.

That’s cute, but all pouring more money into the education system serves to do is line the pockets of the teachers unions.

“I can’t see how this budget can survive the light of day,” Pelosi claimed, and then referenced the NIH that sees its funding slashed 20 percent in Trump’s proposed budget.

“I say there’s a moral responsibility when we see scientific opportunity to honor the biblical power to cure that the National Institute of Health has, we have a moral responsibility to honor it. In this case, we’re not only adding, but subtracting 1/5 of the budget.”

It is pretty fun to watch the left’s meltdown when their cash flow gets threatened, though, which is as good a signal as any that Trump hit the nail on the head.