Pelosi’s Latest Healthcare Claim Has Many Questioning Her Sanity

Democrat Nancy Pelosi is doing what Democrats do best – lie. Not only do Democrats lie about their own failed policies, but they lie about anything Republicans put forth as well.

Democrats have been doing this for decades because they know if they ever told the truth, no one in their right mind would ever vote Democrat.

Lies. There have been a slew of lies about the Republicans’ healthcare plan (for the record, government needs to get the hell out of healthcare), and Democrats are trying to target specific groups with their lies. From the Free Beacon:

The Washington Post Fact Checker has given a rating of “mostly false” to Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s (D., Calif.) claim that seven million veterans could lose their health care.

Pelosi made the remarks on Tuesday at the Center for American Progress Ideas Conference.

“Seven million veterans will lose their tax credit for their families in this bill,” Pelosi said, referring to the American Health Care Act.

Pinocchio test. The left-leaning Washington Post gave Pelosi three Pinocchios for her lie about veterans’ healthcare. From the WaPo:

Pelosi states in broad, certain terms that 7 million veterans will lose premium tax credits for themselves and their dependents under the Republican plan to overhaul Obamacare. But in reality, it’s not so certain. Republicans have stressed that they want current protections to remain, even if Obamacare is repealed; it’s an issue only because of the parliamentary tactics they have chosen. They’re now taking steps to turn the current IRS protections into law.

And even if current regulations don’t carry over, the universe of people affected by this change likely is not the full 7 million. There already are people within that 7 million population who don’t qualify for the tax credit because they have another form of insurance.

Why this matters? It’s yet another example in a slew of examples of how Democrats do nothing but lie, lie, and lie some more. Of course, most in the mainstream media are complicit in these lies, so many people never find out the truth unless they do some research for themselves.

Remember, Democrats lied about Obamacare. There’s no way they are going to tell the truth about the Republicans’ plan.

Never believe anything any politician tells you. Always verify but seriously never ever believe anything that comes out of a Democrat’s mouth; they aren’t allowed to tell the truth. Lying is part of the Democrats’ party platform.