Pentagon Finally Makes A Shocking Admission About UFOs

Are you ready for a good laugh? I mean, really. You can’t make this stuff up…at all. It’s bonkers. Truly. Bananas.

Some Senators have become notorious for their inappropriate touching, comments, grabs.

And others, believe in UFOs and want the Pentagon to fund programs to get to the bottom of their lunacy.


According to The Daily Caller:

The Pentagon has admitted to establishing a $22 million dollar program to studying unidentified flying objects, otherwise known as UFOs.

According to a report from Politico, Congress, specifically then-Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, instructed the Pentagon in 2007 to create a program called the Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program.

The purpose of this program, which also had the support of Democratic Sen. Daniel Inouye and Republican Sen. Ted Stevens, was to study reports of UFOs often coming from military pilots. In initial discussions about the program, Stevens himself stated that during his time in the Air Force, he had been followed by a strange aircraft. A former congressional staffer told Politico that one possible reason for interest in the program is the possibility that the Russians or Chinese are behind strange aerial objects that seem to defy the laws of physics with superior flight technology.

The Pentagon has not acknowledged the program’s existence until now, but funding for the program ended in 2012. Nevertheless, there are still some officials with the program who continue to investigate UFO reports, while still maintaining their main duties elsewhere in the department.

Yup, that’s right. Your hard-earned tax dollars went to alien hunts, UFO watches, and, really, anything else you could think of that might appear on the Sci-Fi network.

Are you kidding me?

Who actually decides to fund this?

I hope there is intelligent life on other planets–because there sure as heck isn’t any in our Senate.

Although the program ended in 2012, it has recently come into the spotlight again because of the October resignation of military intelligence official Luis Elizondo, who ran the initiative. In his resignation letter to Secretary of Defense James Mattis, Elizondo complained that the Pentagon wasn’t taking the initiative’s findings seriously. Elizondo said that although he was leaving, there was already a successor at the department to continue the program.

But Pentagon spokeswoman Dana White told Politico that there were other areas that more urgently required funding, which is why the flow of funds ended in 2012.

That’s shocking! There are more important threats than ones we haven’t even identified yet?

Why spend money to secure and fight for our freedoms when there could potentially be aliens out there!

I mean, there are terrorists who are seeking to destroy Western Civilization…but we are *THIS CLOSE* to finding ET! And, that would change EVERYTHING if we found ET.

Thankfully, there are enough people with SOME sense that ended this ridiculous program.

Because, at the end of the day, if we’re still fighting the enemies we know exist…why are we looking for others?

Let’s put a few of those millions to…oh, I don’t know, destroying Al Qaeda, ISIS…shall we?