Pentagon Wants Bullets That Turn Into Plants? This Is Why You Can’t Let Liberals Run Things


Here’s reason #5,630 why liberals should never be allowed to run things:

The U.S. Military is looking to develop bullets that eventually turn into plants.

That’s right. Engaget reports that the Department of Defense is actively seeking to “tackle environment problems caused by spent bullets and casings on its firing ranges by using composite materials laced with seeds.”

Isn’t that cute? So decades after a major battlefield, it will be a beautiful meadow covered in lilacs, all because the bullets turned into flowers.

It’s amazing this hippie nonsense is being taken as seriously as it is. But that’s what happens when ex-hippies and potheads get hold of the levers of power.

The military fires hundreds of thousands of rounds during training, ranging from bullets to 155mm artillery shells. While casings are collected, and often recycled, the bullets themselves generally aren’t, and can take “hundreds of years” to break down in the environment. That can pollute the soil and water supply, harm animals, and generally look like crap if you stumble upon them.

To tackle the problem, the DoDo has made a proposal call for a biodegradable composite bullet impregnated with seeds that will survive the initial blast and searing velocities. The seeds should only sprout after being in the ground for several months and be safe for animals to consume.

The military also wants the spent shell casings to be used in “other sectors,” like construction or drink containers. “For instance, spent building materials could biodegrade and become gardens, or tossed beverage cups could leave their mark as a clump of flowers. As references, the document cites “bamboo reinforced biodegradable plastics” and composites made from “soy-based matrices.”

It’ll be so green and lush that people will want to kill each other, just for the beautiful flowers that will come up next summer.

What nonsense. Turning the horrors of war into anything appealing is just about the stupidest idea imaginable.

But the Pentagon is going ahead with it:

For the first phase, closing on February 8th, the military is looking for 40-120mm training rounds built with biodegradable composites and remediation seeds that “meet all the performance requirements of existing training rounds.” If that works out, the suppliers will build a “sufficient number of prototypes for the government to perform ballistic tests.” So if you have a good idea, who knows, you might end up being the first-ever environmentally friendly arms dealer.