People Are Flipping Out Over This Bride’s Wedding Photo Shoot

In modern America, the bride has morphed to bridezilla.

Their tyrannical demands are staggering.

If you’re “lucky” enough to be chosen for a bridesmaid, you’ll spend hundreds of dollars for a dress that she picked out–and is hideous, because–of course–you cannot look better than her…oh, and you’ll never wear it again. You really don’t even want to wear it the one day you’re supposed to.

You’ll then give up countless Saturdays and weekends for the bridal shower her friends are hosting, cousins are hosting, fellow dog moms are hosting (that is a real thing, folks).

Oh, and the bachelorette party? It has morphed from a few friends getting drunk on a weekend (and wearing phallic necklaces) to four days in Lake Tahoe or Napa.

No problem. My savings account exists so you can drain it.

For all of these reasons, and more, this is why this story makes me so happy.

Because, for once, the attention is not on the bride. At all.

Despite the thousands of dollars, the hours to beautify, no one is looking at this bride. And its amazing.

I’d like to call it, the bridesmaids’ revenge, equestrian style.

According to Mashable:

Typically on a bride’s wedding day, the last thing she wanta is to share the spotlight. However, there might be a few exceptions, especially if you’re an adorable horse.

Bride Patti Womer loves her two horses, Dutch and Cricket, and wanted the pair to play a part in her September wedding. But one of the horses stole the show as they all posed for wedding photographer Tony Bendele.


This is so good. Too good.

Shoot. I want to print it, get wallet sizes, frame it, send it to my friends. To anyone who has been a bridesmaid.

It’s like this horse is saying ” I HEAR YOU, ladies. And you’re right, this wedding garbage is total BS. You have no idea how long I have had to stand here, after getting my mane all fixed up, and letting this bridezilla sit on me for hours to get the “perfect shot”. Well, you know what, I’m done. IT’S ABOUT ME.”

I’ve always loved the movies when the animals talk.

But this picture takes the cake.

Haven’t had your fill?

Can’t get enough bad wedding pictures?

Here are forty more that might satiate your appetite.

Here is a little sneak peak.

Nothing says love like Chewbacca or Storm Troopers.

Nothing embraces romance like a porta-pot, a nicotine-stick bridesmaid, and your wedding gown getting all that plastic-bathroom-hut residue all over it.

And who on earth enters a port pot to take a picture? 

I mean–was this a planned picture?

That’s even more terrifying.

And lets not forget the bride who is actually overshadowed by her groom.

That one is good.

What are some of the absolute worst wedding pictures you have seen?

Do you know of any that beat the horse picture? Star wars? Shadows? Porta pot? Do any stink more than these?

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