PETA Tyrants want you to Stop Eating Turkey on Thanksgiving


PETA is well-known for their ridiculous and absurd antics in trying to get people to stop eating animals.

Of course, this is the same organization the KILLS domestic cats and dogs rather than adopting them out to loving families.

They are even known for STEALING puppies from home owners and killing them.

They are complete hypocrites but that doesn’t stop them. They continue to push their idiocy onto people who probably don’t know their record for murdering innocent pets.

This latest one shows some moronic white dude in ‘tighty whities’ posing as a turkey in order to get people to go ‘vegan’ for Thanksgiving.

Dear PETA, when you stop KILLING domestic dogs and cats rather than saving them for adoption, we may take you seriously.

Until then, please do go &$%* yourselves.

Sincerely, The entire world.