Phoenix Police Department Flips The Bird to America And Rule of Law

The American police officer’s commitment to protect and serve is an inspiration to us all, and a tremendous blessing of living in the United States. That’s why it’s so maddening to see one police department’s top brass throwing out the rule of law, making the job that much harder for cops on the streets every day.

Judicial Watch is sounding the alarm on a new policy the Phoenix Police Department has just imposed on its officers, forbidding them from asking the people they arrest about their immigration status and prohibiting them from notifying the federal government when they arrest illegals.

State law expressly allows police to ask these questions, and the Supreme Court affirmed that law way back in 2012, but no matter:

The revised policy, issued just weeks ago, mandates all contact with federal immigration partners to be funneled through a single Violent Crimes Bureau (VCB) desk sergeant who will document all immigration related data and give authority to call ICE. “This will bottle-neck the process,” according to a veteran Phoenix law enforcement official who added that the new policy was generated without any input from rank-and-file. Arizona law enforcement sources also told Judicial Watch that no other restrictions of this kind and magnitude regarding a federal crime are found in Phoenix Police Department policy. Officers continue to have the discretion to contact the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Secret Service, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), Postal Inspectors, U.S. Marshalls and Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) without fear of violating department policy.

If an illegal alien is arrested for a state crime, officers in Phoenix are no longer allowed to take them directly to ICE for deportation and document the crime in a report. Taxpayers must fund a mandated booking into county jail under the new rules, which state; “if there is a federal criminal charge and the person is under arrest for a state and/or local charge/s…the person will be booked into the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office…” Keep in mind that Maricopa Sheriff Penzone doesn’t like honoring ICE holds on jailed aliens and considers illegal immigrants “guests.”

This comes as Maricopa County Sheriff Paul Penzone — who took office in 2017 and refers to people who entered the country illegally as “guests” — has been releasing hundreds of illegals from custody this year. And not just people who “only” broke the law against hopping the border — the “guests” Penzone has released including drug offenders, inebriated drivers, and even people charged with violent felonies.

According to a “high-ranking” federal law enforcement official stationed in Arizona who spoke to Judicial watch, “There’s no telling how many criminals he’s putting on the streets” of Phoenix and the surrounding towns.

This is a horrendous. Not only is it an affront to the very concept of law enforcement, but it all but guarantees more civilians and police officers alike will die.

Citizens deserve better. Police deserve better. If ever there was situation that demanded the firing, recall, or impeachment of public officials, this is it.