Muslim And ‘Gender Neutral’ Emojis Will Be Arriving To Your iPhone

Apple is adding hundreds of new emojis as part of the next software update for their devices.

Some of the emojis include a Muslim women in a hijab, and “gender neutral” people.

From a business standpoint, it makes sense to have a Muslim woman, since there are a billion Muslims in the world, and they represent a market that Apple could make more progress with.

But emojis appeasing the transgender LGBT lobby makes less sense. There are very few people in the general population who identify as some kind of “non-binary” gender, and many parts of the world (primarily Muslim-dominated parts) are hostile to these designations.

The addition of these emojis seem to be motivated more by a social justice agenda from Apple rather than a business decision responding to market demands.

Oh, and there’s also going to be a mermaid emoji added to the update. A black mermaid. Is it unnecessary? Of course. But, you know if they made them white, there would be a huge ruckus from the Black Lives Matter folks out there. Although only having a black mermaid isn’t fair to whites either…

On the other hand, these few controversial emojis are only a few of the hundreds of random emojis coming out, including a breastfeeding one. In the end, emojis are just emojis and they’re really nothing to make a huge deal about.

Apple plans to add them to the iOS 11.1 update, which will roll out to Apple products this month.

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H/T TheBlaze