PHOTOS: Hilarious Celebrity “Moving Sale” Posters Flood Los Angeles


Numerous over-privileged and under common-sensed celebrities promised that if Donald Trump was elected president, they’d hightail it out of the United States. Here we are on Thursday: Trump has been elected, but they’re still here… In Los Angeles, a street artist decided to help remind them of their promise with “moving sale” posters.

Los Angeles street artist Sabo parodied Sotheby’s real estate posters and put the faces of celebrities who promised to move out of the country in the event of a Trump election up along with their self-proposed destination.

The posters served as “Election Day Sales” ads for the celebrities who apparently need an extra push to keep their promises.

Take a look at some of the hilarious posters below:





If these celebrities would actually keep their word, that would certainly be a huge step toward making America great again…

Amy Schumer whined that her comment about fleeing the country was made in jest and lashed out at people who told her to keep to her word.

Of course, many celebrities will hide behind the “it was a joke” garbage to cover for their ignorant, blowhard comments that evidenced the contempt they have for many Americans.

Liberals have tried to paint conservatives as intolerant, but as most of us already knew, this election made it even more clear that the real “intolerance” comes from the left that truly hates anyone who thinks differently than they do (which basically just means that you actually think…).

The left has marginalized, bullied, and insulted the millions of Americans who voted for Trump, and on Nov. 8 we stood up and told them where to shove it.

Now all these “tolerant” leftists should stick to their word and shove off to their proposed destination, or wherever else will take them.

Sean Hannity even offered to charter flights to their preferred destination — so long as they don’t come back.

No excuses, bye now!

H/T The American Mirror