Planned Parenthood: Not Just For Abortions Anymore; Promotes Left-Wing Causes

Imagine the Club for Growth campaigning against same-sex marriage, the National Rifle Association getting involved in the global warming debate, or American Life League taking a stand on Net Neutrality. Ridiculous, right? The whole point of single-issue groups is to serve Americans’ passion for one particular cause or related category of issues, devoting expertise and effort solely to it in the interest of maximizing their understanding and effectiveness.

Well, that’s how it generally works on the right, but apparently things are a little different on the Left.

This week, an old friend forwarded me the following Planned Parenthood Action Fund email, signed by the abortion mill’s head honcho, Cecile Richards. But there’s something curious about it: instead of trying to marshall opposition to the 20-week abortion ban or an Obamacare replacement that might threaten their taxpayer funding, PP is agitating for … illegal immigrants?

Of course, it’s curious to see Planned Parenthood positioning itself as a champion of downtrodden minorities in light of its founder Margaret Sanger’s racist, eugenicist ideas. You can read the whole email for yourself right here:

As usual, the propaganda provides the Left’s usual share of deceit and hypocrisy:

Imagine living with the constant fear that a family member could be detained or forced to leave the only country they know as their home.

Yes, we really have to hand it to America’s largest abortion provider: it’s much more compassionate to kill children in the womb who can’t fear what they don’t see coming.

When the Trump administration ended the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, hundreds of thousands of young people’s futures were thrown into jeopardy. DACA helped 800,000 immigrant youth come out of the shadows […]

Apparently Planned Parenthood learned from their fellow propagandists getting called out for calling DACA applicants “children.” But while more ambiguous, “young people” and “immigrant youth” still leave the contrary impression to the truth: that 64% of them are older than high-school age.

Here at Planned Parenthood, we believe firmly that health has no borders.

It does, however, have gestational limits.

We’re proud to advocate for people in every community and we recognize that an attack on one of us is an attack on all of us.

“All of us” … except for the children who haven’t been born yet. We’re just going to butcher them behind closed doors and pretend they don’t exist when in public.

And earlier this week, the administration presented immigration principles that fall short of being able to ensure immigrant youth and families are able to have access to health care and live a life free from discrimination in a safe environment.

This rings just a bit hollow coming from an organization dedicated to ensuring that “safe environments” do not include the womb.

People’s lives should not be political bargaining chips.

No, apparently they should be “choices.”

For the record, this isn’t the first time Planned Parenthood has branched out to other issues in the left-wing/Democrat coalition. In 2012, the PP affiliate covering Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota interjected itself into the campaigns to pass same-sex marriage and defeat voter ID in Minnesota.

It seems that Planned Parenthood answers to one higher principle than the ability to execute kids for convenience: aiding the Democrat Party’s liberal base however, whenever. It’s yet another way how at Planned Parenthood, women’s well-being takes a backseat to the whims of the American Left.