Police Arrest Man Planning to Carry Out Mass Shooting at a Mosque

Disaster has been averted in Jacksonville, Florida, as News 4 Jax reports that the feds have raided the home of a man who alleged to open fire on an area mosque — and had more than enough firepower to kill a lot of people.

Bernandino Bolatete, a legal immigrant to the United States from the Philippines, is currently awaiting prosecution for the intended massacre at the Islamic Center of Northeast Florida. The feds who raided his home found twelve guns and more than 2,000 rounds of ammunition. They also say undercover agents have Bolatete on audio talking about how much he hates Muslims and expressing his intentions to carry out the horrific deed.

A citizen who tipped off authorities to Bolatete’s plan said the man said he had kidney problems and would rather shoot up the mosque and take his own life than go on dialysis.

Bolatete’s brother and sister told the judge that the plot he is accused of isn’t true, but the judge found sufficient evidence to deny Bolatete bond […]

But on Bolatete’s Facebook page, there are photos of him at shooting ranges, and a photo showing nine guns. On the page, a friend asked in Tagalong, a Filipino language, ”Ready to meet with a terrorist?” According to a translation tool, Bolatete responded in Tagalog: “The only one to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.”

Pedro Bolatete said his brother owned five or six guns, and there is a reasonable explanation..

“He is a gun aficionado. He likes to collect guns. Really,” the bother told News4Jax. “We talk about what we are going to do when we retire and go back to the Phillipines. (We’re) talking about, maybe, starting a gun club.”

But while those statements and photos are no different than those posted by millions of peaceful, law-abiding Americans, some of the quotes obtained by undercover agents are anything but. Bolatete allegedly texted that a silencer “can be used on the 4th of July or New Year time (sic). It can easily blend with the sound of fireworks. Please delete this message after you read it Get what I mean buddy?”

Even more damningly, he allegedly said that he would visit the Islamic center on a Friday because that day is “their Sunday equivalent to us Christians is Friday … go up to the tower and start shooting, right? It will be great, right?”

At the moment, the only criminal charge against Bolatete is for a weapons violation of illegally purchasing a suppressor from an undercover agent, which could land him up to ten years in prison. Presumably, however, far graver charges will be filed as soon as the authorities collect and arrange the relevant evidence.

Sadly, we can expect the mainstream media and the Left to exploit this story to push the twin narratives that America needs gun control and that Muslims are persecuted in the United States. But as TFPP readers know, we regularly refute the first point in great detail, and as to the second point, the fact that this story is so shocking is a testament to the fact that American anti-Muslim violence is, thankfully, rare. In fact, according to FBI statistics, Jewish Americans have always been targeted by religiously-motivated hate crimes more so than Muslim Americans — yet narratives about America being anti-Semitic are virtually nonexistent.

What do you think is going to happen next, both in this case and in the political fallout? Sound off below.

Hat tip: Bearing Arms