Politically Incorrect Cartoon About Sheila Jackson Lee Will Infuriate All Liberals

Sheila Jackson Lee’s Long History of Bad Behavior While Flying – by Brian Thomas

The new report about how Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee bumped a United Airlines passenger from her seat so the congresswoman could sit in first class isn’t the first time the congresswoman has been unbelievably rude on a passenger plane.

Jean-Marie Simon, a Washington DC public school teacher, recently alleged that she was bumped from her first-class seat aboard a United Airlines flight to make room for Jackson Lee.

Simon’s ticket was canceled at the last minute and she was moved to the economy section of the plane, and believes it’s because the congresswoman demanded first-class. When Simon complained, the congresswoman accused her of being racist.

Simon wrote on her Facebook page that a congressman told her that Jackson Lee “regularly does this.”

“He told me that it was Jackson Lee,” Simon wrote. “a fellow U.S. congresswoman who regularly does this, that this was the third time he personally had watched her bump a passenger.

The Washington Times later reported that Simon worked for years as a human rights activist in war-torn Guatemala during the 80’s.

As it turns out, the congresswoman has a long history of behaving badly during travel.

The Daily Mail reports:

Several decades worth of coverage of Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee suggests she’s behaved badly on planes – and on automobiles – before this week’s incident […] 

But previous reports show the House member, who was elected in 1994, has had a history of transportation drama, including berating flight attendants on first class flights and making her Congressional staff drive her one block, while waiting on her for hours and disrupting traffic.

She’s been documented calling her employees ‘you stupid motherf***er,’ while referring to herself as Congressional royalty.

‘You don’t understand. I am a queen, and I demand to be treated like a queen,’ she was quoted saying in 1998, three years into her nearly 23-year tenure on Capitol Hill.

Over a decade ago, the Weekly Standard reported that the congresswoman demanded rides to her Capitol Hill office, even though she only lived about ‘200 paces’ away.

According to the Weekly Standard report, Jackson Lee blocked traffic after a driver waited for her for 23 minutes, only to continue waiting while the congresswoman took a phone call outside the vehicle.

“Then an awkward moment ensued,” the article continues, “when Jackson Lee stared her staffer down until the congresswoman’s jacket and shawl were removed.”

A 2011 article in the Daily Caller says the congresswoman regularly ordered her drivers run red lights and “drive faster,” causing at least one accident.

Her antics on planes are notoriously dispicable.

The Daily Mail continues:

Jackson Lee’s staff would book seats on multiple flights for her week-end trips back to Houston, allowing the congresswoman to pick the trip that would best fit her schedule.

This, however, would leave the airline in a bind, the Weekly Standard noted, as Continental wouldn’t be able to sell off the premier seats she didn’t use.

And while Jackson Lee would book coach tickets, the congresswoman was often bumped to first class.

In February 1998, while sitting in first class, Jackson Lee famously berated a flight attendant over her meal choice not being available on the particular plane she chose to fly home on.

‘Don’t you know who I am?’ the congresswoman reportedly said. ‘I’m Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee. Where is my seafood meal? I know it was ordered!’

After this incident, the vice president of Continental’s government affairs office called Jackson Lee and warned her that her behavior needed to improve or she would not be flying the airline again, sources told the Weekly Standard.

A year later, in May 1999, Jackson Lee had boarded a Continental flight out of Washington, D.C.’s Reagan National only to find that she had misplaced her purse.

The congresswoman proceeded to get off the flight to look for the bag back in the terminal, meanwhile the plane had left the gate – with the missing purse on board.

According to aviation lobbyists that the Weekly Standard talked to, Jackson Lee demanded she be let back on the plane and didn’t believe it was against Federal Aviation Administration regulation.

‘She accused the gate staff of racism and demanded to see their supervisor, who was a black woman,’ the Weekly Standard wrote. ‘Her purse, meanwhile, was unceremoniously dropped out of the cockpit window and ferried back to her.’

Her history of booking coach seats, only to be bumped up to first class at someone else’s expense, demonstrates how little this self-proclaimed “queen” thinks of other people.

Continental became so disgusted with her rude behavior that they threatened to boot her from the airline’s services.

There’s nothing new about this latest incident. Jackson Lee treats people like scum wherever she goes and thinks she can get away with it because of her status as a congresswoman.

It’s troubling enough that Jackson Lee thinks of Congress as royalty. She actually acts like she’s a monarch, and everyone around her are lowly peasants.

In her mind, though, she’s done nothing wrong. Anyone who disagrees gets called a racist and she expects apologies over her own admissions of guilt.

This egotist deserves to be shamed for her latest antics. It’s long overdue.