Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd Says Fugitives Will Be Removed from Shelters and Taken to Jail

Florida’s Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd created controversy when he announced that deputies will be checking IDs at shelters for Hurricane Irma, and anyone with an outstanding warrant will be sent to jail.

Category 5 Hurricane Irma is currently devastating the Caribbean. The powerful storm is expected to hit Saturday.

Sherriff Judd, the Orlando Sentinal claims, “is known for his outspoken comments.”

Judd’s tweets caused a stir online from people who think his tweets were “threats.”

Most of those commentators, however, aren’t going to have to take their children to a Polk county shelter to wait out the Hurricane.

Sherriff Judd’s “threats” are welcome words of reassurance for those who worry about their families’ safety while staying in a shelter.

Knowing that police will keep wanted criminals out is a relief in a time of worry.

Critics note that people wanted on misdemeanors will be subject to the shelter arrests as well, but Judd made his announcement Wednesday, giving people plenty of time to work out the misdemeanor woes.

Natural disasters are often accompanied by crime, so the last thing families seeking shelter need is to take their families to places that welcome fugitives.

Anyone with children can be reassured by Sheriff Judd that the shelters will be safe.

Judd also tweeted that sex offenders and predators will not be allowed in the shelters.

It’s hard to believe that anyone would think reassuring families that shelters are safe is a bad idea. Judd’s announcements encourage and reassure a public naturally reluctant to leave their homes in the face of disaster.

According to CBS News, however, The American Civil Liberties Union of Florida is blasting the Sheriff for “burnishing your Joe Arpaio-style ‘tough cop’ credentials with irresponsible tweets.”

The group recommended the Sheriff “focus on preparing for Irma” instead.

Of course, making sure the shelters will be safe, and reassuring people of that comforting fact, is preparing for Irma.

Sheriff Judd, though, has not limited his vision to security.

His Twitter account is full of Tweets and retweets concerning preparedness, reminding that just because Polk County is land locked, doesn’t mean residents don’t have to prepare.

Here’s just a few of them:

Sheriff Polk is a reassuring voice to concerned parents.

He buckled down, in spite of criticism.

CBS News reports:

Sheriff’s spokeswoman Carrie Horstman says they’re trying to educate the public before the storm hits this weekend. She says they’re hoping people with warrants will turn themselves and use the next few days to deal with their legal issues.

Horstman told the newspaper that sheriff’s deputies who conduct identity checks at shelters won’t know what an outstanding warrant is for, leaving open the possibility that people wanted for misdemeanor offenses could be arrested as the checks are conducted.

“Officers are legally obligated to take a person into custody if they have a warrant,” she told the Sentinel.

Would you be sure your family was safe if you were going to a shelter without Judd’s precautions?

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