POP QUIZ: Which of These Best Describes Liberalism?

Calvin Freiburger writes that sometimes an incident comes along that all by itself sums up everything you need to understand about the mental disorder America calls liberalism. This is one such story.

Andrea Moury at the National Pulse reports that the Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U) has a novel new idea for how to combat racial inequality on college campuses.

They call it “racial reconciliation,” but those of you who recall the Jim Crow era from history class might recognize it under a different name, and might remember it being a major tool to perpetuate racism rather than dismantle it. Yes, they’re talking about segregation.

Brown University, one of the 10 schools being awarded the AAC&U’s grants, recently announced the new program via its student newspaper. Having been selected by the AAC&U in partnership with the left-wing W.K. Kellogg Foundation and the Newman’s Own Foundation, Brown will receive a $30,000 grant to be used over the next three years to “tackle racial issues and work toward racial healing.” To this end, the Ivy League school will begin offering two segregated dinner discussion groups — one for black students and one for Muslim women.

Moury notes that segregation schemes on the campuses of enlightened left-wing, 21st-century universities are nothing new, and in fact many past examples are far more egregious:

— Last September, California State University Los Angeles introduced its segregated housing initiative to offer a “housing space delegated for Black students.”

— In February, students at the University of Michigan demanded a permanent no-whites-allowed space in the center of campus for black students and other students of color only.

— In May, The American University in Washington, D.C., gave persons of color an extension on their final exams following an alleged racially motivated vandalism incident.

— Also in May, Harvard University made the news for holding its first ever blacks-only graduation ceremony.

— In June, Evergreen College in Washington state was forced to shut down its campus multiple times due to safety concerns stemming from student activists ordering all whites off campus for a “Day of Absence.”

These programs, Moury declares, “are counterproductive and ought to be ended, lest they promote further disunity in our already badly divided nation.”


This should only come as a surprise to people who don’t follow politics and therefore understand absolutely nothing about the Left.

All of liberals’ self-righteous posturing about equality, all their claims to hold a monopoly on representing the interests of each and every minority group in the United States, all their malicious screaming about the alleged racism of conservatives and Republicans, all their hysterical wailing about Donald Trump supposedly playing rhetorical footsie with neo-Nazis and the Ku Klux Klan, thereby ushering in a resurgence of white nationalism — liberals don’t mean a word of it.

These people were useless in the civil rights era back when racists were a genuine threat. Today they condemn massive numbers of black babies to death by abortion, black children to the hopelessness of failing public schools, and generally oppose black Americans’ real interests on everything from gun rights to the job market.

It’s never been about equality, but rather about pandering to identity-group demagogues and their followers. So of course that pandering would extend even to proposals that are every bit as racist as the past crimes they claim to abhor, simply redirected at different racial groups.