Popular Retailer Faces Backlash Over Severe Fire Hazard Caused By Common Household Item

Before all of the holiday parties, cookie baking, Christmas Eve get togethers and Christmas morning with the family, you should walk around your house and make sure you don’t have THESE items in your house. If you do, it could be a very, very smoky Christmas.

According to a local news station in Cincinnati, one woman is cautioning everyone to get this product out of their homes:

A mother who uses wall scent plugins from Bath & Body Works is warning people to watch out after she says one of them nearly caught her home on fire.

Lori White of Spring Hill, Florida has been a big fan of Bath & Body Works scent plugins, called Wallflowers, until now.

“I feel sorry for people who have fires because this is how they happen,” White said.

She says her daughter was getting ready in the bathroom when it happened.

“Sparks started flying out and fire, and she says had she been any closer it would’ve burned her as well, and her hand towel hangs right next to it,” she said.

And this isn’t the first case of recent issues with the Wallflower plugins; earlier this week an Ohio woman said heat from a Wallflower melted the radio above where it was plugged in.

“My dogs, all of our things, would’ve been gone if we would not have been here,” White said.

We reached out to Bath & Body Works concerning the issue and they said they are looking more into what happened. They also contacted White and said they will be giving her a full refund on her Wallflower plugins as well as having an electrician check her outlet.

“Bath & Body Works needs to recall these and take them off store shelves before someone gets hurt or they lose their house, which could’ve easily happened here,” White said.

So Bath and Body Works is going to give her five bucks back? Wow, that’s swell. Good for them. I’m just glad they didn’t have to pay for her house if it burnt down. That certainly would have affected the end-of-the-year numbers.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I want to mask that dog-smell in my house too. The fish you cooked from Thursday evening. The dusty, musty smell.

We all want to walk around our house like we are in a meadow of flowers…or a Febreeze commercial. But at what cost?

If you have a wallflower, it will look more like you’re walking through the vineyards of Napa than idyllic rolling plains.

You would think with how retail is struggling, businesses would pull these types of items off the shelves immediately…instead of sitting on pins and needles wondering who is going to file lawsuits to send them into bankruptcy first.

But maybe they are gamblers? Maybe they like rolling the dice, going to Vegas.

But, in the words of my man, Kenny, you gotta know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em, know when to walk away, know when to run.

But, seriously. Let’s not have any more fires this year, folks. Get these out of your house. Now.