Principal Apologizes For ‘Trump Perry’ Sign at Football Game

While the world was watching the battle between President Donald Trump and the NFL over whether or not one could stand, sit, or kneel during the National Anthem, a similar mini controversy sprung up at a West Virginia high school football game.

This is completely ridiculous: A banner held up by fans of Brooke County High School read “Trump Perry.” It was deemed “insensitive, intimidating and offensive.” The opposing team, Pittsburgh Perry High school is made up of mostly black students.

“My mostly Black, inner-city school played this team last night & were confronted w/this. Sickening racism,” Perry librarian Sheila May-Stein said in a tweet Saturday.

Emotions got so heated that the Brooke County superintendent was forced apologize for the banner. “The sign’s message does not reflect our true beliefs nor what we want to teach our children,” Toni Paesano Shute said in a letter to Pittsburgh Public Schools Superintendent Anthony Hamlet.

“Policies were not followed by the schools administrators to ensure a climate free from bullying and harassment, and as a result people were offended in our home. We have a moral obligation to teach our children, and we will make this a teachable moment to instill the core values of respect and dignity for all.”

Responding to the apology, Hamlet said that the name “Trump” is being used to “taunt” black people, The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette said.

“Since the presidential campaign, superintendents across the country have found themselves apologizing for the use of President Donald Trump’s name to taunt minority students,” he said in a statement. “After speaking with several individuals in attendance at the game, we have learned that despite the sign, no further incidents occurred and both teams displayed good sportsmanship towards each other.”

Even though the sign sparked outrage on social media, there were no incidents reported at the game.

The Brooke County school’s use of the “Trump Perry” slogan was reportedly chosen in advance, and not intended to be racially motivated.

The football team’s Twitter account said each home game had a different theme, and this one was red white and blue. The word ‘trump’ was chosen for its double meaning, meaning “beat” as well as the name of the president.

“The use of the current President’s name is an intentional signal to opponents that they are in ‘Trump’ territory — and that has real meaning, especially for our Black children in this moment,” she wrote. “… I am appalled that the adults in your school district not only approved of this sign, but are actively celebrating it, making it the featured photograph on the official school team Twitter page. This is what racism in America looks like today.”

What do you think? Have the delicate snowflakes taken over the world? What will become of America’s youth if they’re offended by a banner that simply reads the name of our President?

How would you react if your school apologized profusely for a sign like that?  How fast would you yank your kids out of the school, or do you agree with the apology? Sound off below!