This Pro-Hillary Website Is As Bad As North Korean Propaganda

A political operative’s slobbery support of Hillary Clinton has manifested itself into a website that’s so incredibly bad that even the left-wing media can’t stand it.

It looks like something straight out of North Korean propaganda. Called “Verrit,” it’s the brainchild (maybe a child with only a brain stem, I guess) of Peter Daou, a Democratic operative whose thin-skin is legendary. Politico called him “prickly.” That’s putting it mildly.

Daou (who will be happy to block you on his Twitter feed if you say anything remotely bad about Hillary) was the former campaign advisor to Clinton and previously John Kerry. His Verrit site launched just a few days ago and it has received nothing but scathing criticism from practically everyone. From Politico:

The derision greeting Verrit is so universal it inspires sympathy for Daou, as Gizmodo, the Washington Post, Outline, New Republic, New York, The Ringer and others have broken its back with their snap judgments. “Verrit, a Media Company for Almost Nobody,” read one headline. “No One Asked for Verrit, But Here We Are,” stated another. “What Is Verrit and Why Should I Care? (Unclear; You Shouldn’t.),” said a third. “Peter Daou Continues to Embarrass Hillary Clinton,” asserted the best in show.

Jack Shafer (who was blocked by Daou on Twitter) describes the site this way: “Imagine if Matt Drudge created a Hillary fan site, only instead of listing news stories in a text-heavy fashion, he arranged them on the Web equivalent of 3×5 cards, and in addition to typing headlines onto the cards, he pulled out salient facts and stats from the stories (called “verrits”). Each card carries a unique serial number that you can plug into the Verrit database to prove … well, I don’t know exactly what it proves other than Verrit drew its facts and stats from the news source cited.”

Daou writes that he hopes the site because the “trusted source for news” for the 65.8 million voters who cast their ballots for Hillary Clinton and want to use “facts” to argue politics. The headlines to each “Verrit” reads right out of the North Korean propaganda playbook. My personal favorite? “Hillary Democrats are the Heart and Conscience of America.” Is that the kind of “facts” that he thinks Democrats should be armed with? Does anyone outside Daou’s Kool-Aid drinking cult actually believe that?

Rather than actual news, the site seems to be nothing but pure propaganda. Like the “Verrit” that reads “Sanders and the Mainstream Media Helped Put Trump in the White House.” It’s genuinely terrifying. Again, here’s Shafer’s analysis:

His is a reductionist world where evidence of misogyny and sexism can be deduced from almost any political discussion of Madame Secretary. When Verrit launched, it inspired not only a mudslide of negative reviews but an ugly denial-of-service attack on his servers. From this rocky reception, Daou didn’t extract the perennial lesson that politics ain’t beanbag. He didn’t cinch up and concede that political passions will cause folks to overheat. Instead, he flew to Twitter and raged in all caps, “PEOPLE ARE STILL TERRIFIED OF HILLARY. PEOPLE STILL WANT TO DESTROY HILLARY. PEOPLE WANT TO SILENCE ANYONE WHO SUPPORTS HER.”

Terrified? Destroy? Silence? I’d love to see the serial numbers on those “facts.”

Here are just a few of Verrit’s “headlines”

So if you want a little fun, scope around this guy’s site, maybe engage him on Twitter. You’ll be blocked too. It’ll be a blast.

What do you think? Did you see the site? Did you get blocked by him on Twitter? Post in the comments and let us know!