Professor: I Don’t Trust White People, They All Need To “Resign From Their Position of Power”

The University of Hawaii professor who wanted universities to stop hiring white men also said, “I don’t trust white people” and “cis het white people need to lose more,” according to screenshots obtained Friday by The Daily Caller News Foundation.

Piper Harron, a temporary assistant math professor at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, made these remarks and others on Facebook in May and June 2017.

“I need to take a long break from disagreeing with white people,” Harron wrote in May. “Their Have You Considereds have worn me down and I’m showing signs of weakness. If you wanna know why I don’t trust white people, it’s because of what that trust costs me.”

(Photo Credit: Piper Harron/Facebook)

“Cis white het people need to lose more,” she commented the next day. “Cis het white people don’t know how to not be in control. They want to even control their dismantling of privilege.”

(Photo Credit: Piper Harron/Facebook)

“Cis-het” is a combined word that means “cisgender and heterosexual.” If you haven’t run into cisgender before, it means identifying with the gender you were assigned at birth.

When liberals like this nut use the terminology, it’s meant to be a slur of sorts. Basically, calling white people “cis het” is putting them down on account of their gender identity and sexual orientation.

It’s like this professor is angry at people who were born as the cultural majority and were able to live their lives with those two settings on default mode, which is not a bad thing. Life has its challenges for everyone, even for “cisgender heterosexual white people,” believe it or not.

In another June Facebook post, Harron said, “As long as police are trained to murder, they will never be convicted,” now taking a stab at our boys in blue.

The professor also equated the ideas that women might not be interested in leadership, STEM or sports and that autism warrants concern to “violence” in a lengthy June Facebook post.

“I shouldn’t have to argue at all let alone nicely against these ideas,” said Harron. “These are ‘ideas’ I shouldn’t even come across. That these ‘ideas’ are everywhere is violence. Asking me to treat them as innocent is violence.”

The professor also equated perceived failure of the justice system to perceived failure of slavery, remarking that “white justice can *never* be just. We can’t afford to forget that.”

The math professor previously said, “If you are a cis white man you almost certainly should resign from your position of power” in a May essay.

Sounds like a lot of prejudice and discrimination coming from someone who wants to “empower the people” and end “social injustice.”

Baffling is the fact that she resents history so much, but she is doing nothing to work towards creating a better present and future where skin color and gender is irrelevant to the way one decides to treat an individual.

In an email to TheDCNF, Dan Meisenzahl, spokesman for the university, stated: “The opinions of individual faculty members ​exercising their personal free speech rights do not represent the positions of the University of Hawaii. Furthermore, the University of Hawaii prohibits discrimination against students and employees based on gender, ethnicity and/or religion, which is also stated plainly in our policies. Any report of discrimination will be investigated and addressed in accordance with our policies and procedures.”

Meisenzahl also directed TheDCNF to a message sent from University of Hawaii president David Lassner to the college community in which the president expressed similar sentiments.

H/T: The Daily Caller