Prosecutors Offer Plea Deals To Avoid Deportation Of Noncitizens

Do you have the Tylenol ready?

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Some prosecutors in the United States are literally not charging illegal immigrants because that could lead to their deportation.

Let that sink in.

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According to Wall Street Journal:

The prosecutors, including at least six in jurisdictions on the East and West coasts, purposely avoid reaching plea agreements or sentences that might trigger a noncitizen’s deportation or prevent his or her re-entry into the country. It is an arrangement that proponents say protects some noncitizen immigrants from the disproportionate consequences of minor convictions, but critics, including U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions, contend is unethical because it treats citizens and noncitizens differently.

Prosecutors were inspired by one particular case, a green-card holder from Haiti, who at the time, resided in Brooklyn, was arrested for “being unescorted in an apartment building”:

At the precinct, police officers discovered the man had a small amount of crack cocaine. In court, the man, a green-card holder from Haiti, pleaded guilty to drug possession. When he tried to come home after visiting Haiti, border officials wouldn’t let him return.

Under the new policy, prosecutors might have offered the green-card holder a trespassing plea, which wouldn’t have triggered immigration problems, instead of drug charges, which typically do.

Lets get this straight here…

An immigrant or illegal immigrant can commit crimes AND receive a lighter punishment and sentence because…they’re not actually citizens of the United States? In what world does that make any sense?

And heaven forbid we deport illegal aliens who evaded the law!

So millions of undocumented immigrants are avoiding taxes AND punishment for crimes.

Do drugs. Commit crimes. We welcome you.


There are a few critics of this policy (SHOCKING).

Some call it “unfair” while others say it is downright “dangerous and arguably unconstitutional.”

The president of Judicial Watch Tom Fitton commented, “You don’t give people special treatment for prosecutorial decisions based on country of origin or immigration status. The logic here is American citizens might be prosecuted more harshly for the same crimes.”

I might need Tylenol and an Old Fashioned bottle of whiskey…