‘Racism’ Behind Flint Water Crisis – But Majority-Black City Council Started It All

flint water

It’s environmental racism!

The left is screaming that the Flint water crisis is a perfect example of how evil and racist and yukky Republicans are.

They purposely let black people in Flint drink lead-contaminated water because everyone knows Republicans want black people to die – so they can’t vote Democrat, I assume.

Hillary is calling it a “civil rights issue,” which means – Yup!  Racism! It would never happen in a rich, white suburb, she said. (Forward to 11:15)

And oh, how the audience in that black church loved it.

She’s piggybacking on notable liberal scholars such as Michael Moore (who called it “racial killing”) and Al Sharpton (who said it’s “worse than Katrina”).

So which racist, conservative, evil, white Republicans started this mess to begin with.

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder explained on Fox how it all started: “The way this really happened is the community made a decision, the city and the county all wanted to switch away from Detroit’s water system back in 2013 and there was a 7-1 city council vote to say let’s move to this new water authority,” he said.

That’s it! The city council. White devils, right? Here they are.


Don’t expect any of this to matter to Hillary, to the left or to the race-baiting agitators. Reality is but an intellectual speed bump to them.

H/T: BizPacReview