RACIST Meme Completely DESTROYED With Historical Facts


This meme is BEYOND the pale. This is such a deplorably dishonest meme that it’s difficult for us to write about it without the anger oozing from the page.

First, white privilege is a total bullsh*t concept made up by left wing racist loons to further victimize the black community.

If the black community believes they are victims of some perceived ‘privilege’ of the white community and Democrats perpetrate this fraud, then of course Democrats must be on the side of the black community right? WRONG.

Democrats have always been the party of racism. They were the plantation owners and all they’ve done with their horrific policies is change the plantation from fields to government.

Beyoncé’s half-time show at the Super Bowl was not only racist but it was disgusting. On live television this useless human piece of filth showed her support for a racist hate group that wants to ‘KILL CRACKA BABIES.’

‘Cracka’ is a racist term for whites. It is equivalent to the ‘N’ word.

The New Black Panther Party hates white people so much they want to kill them and have said it many times. THAT is what Beyoncé was supporting during the Super Bowl.

And this meme goes further to say that White Americans have been terrorizing blacks since they arrived as slaves.


It was black Africans who sold black slaves to anyone who would buy them around the world.

Slavery STILL exists in Africa today.

Of course, no one talks about white slavery because no whites continue to play victim due to the past. Slavery has existed since the beginning of time and there have been millions of white slaves but it doesn’t fit the racist narrative of the left.

How many white soldiers DIED while fighting in the Civil War to free the slaves? Hundreds of thousands.

How many white Republicans were lynched while fighting for black rights?

It was white Republicans who fought against white Democrats to not only free the slaves but to give them Civil Rights.

Interesting FACT: Only 1.4% of white Americans owned slaves at the HEIGHT of slavery.

So while racist Beyoncé and her hateful crew want to perpetrate the evilness of white Americans, facts simply don’t back her up.

And the only people terrorizing Americans now are black people. SEE: White Girl Bleed A Lot to understand the horrific black mob violence that is being IGNORED by authorities and the media because of race. Some black people don’t just hate whites, they hate ANYONE who isn’t black.

So while the scumbag who created this meme is completely ignorant, hateful and obviously uneducated about the truth, we here at The Federalist Papers Project will happily, even if a little bit angrily, gladly debunk their lies and provide the facts.

Here’s a video below of the New Black Panther Party Beyonce was supporting during half time: