Raiders Star Flips Trump Voters The Bird With SICK T-Shirt [VIDEO]

On Aug. 12, Las Vegas Raiders star, Marshawn Lynch, took a seat during the national anthem before his first preseason game with the Raiders. More than a month later, on Sept. 22, President Trump rightly criticized players who refused to stand for the anthem.

On Sunday, Lynch basically responded by flipping the bird to the president and all of his supporters and voters. He arrived at the Raiders – Broncos game wearing an “Everybody vs. Trump” shirt.


Then, the unexpected happened. During the playing of the anthem Lynch continued to sit but that wasn’t the unexpected part.

The part no one expected was the group of Raiders staffers who looked like they were trying to hide Lynch by completely surrounding him.

Given how bad the blowback from fans has been over kneeling and put downs of Trump voters ESPN has made the decision NOT to televise the anthem during this weeks Monday Night Football:

ESPN has made a decision on for their “Monday Night Football” programming.

Are you ready for some football? I hope so…because that is all you’re going to get.

Indeed, the Disney-owned, liberal-leaning network told Sporting News it will NOT broadcast the national anthem before the Washington Red Skins and Kansas City Chiefs Game:

The NFL’s TV partners normally do not show players before the unfurling of the American flag and singing/playing of the national anthem, except before the Super Bowl and other select games. But given viewer interest around players staging demonstrations last week, ESPN, Fox Sports, NBC Sports, CBS Sports, NFL Network and DirecTV all provided live anthem coverage during Week 3.

The networks did not show NFL fans booing or screaming at protesting players, however, lest they spoil the league’s day of unity. Even fiercely loyal Patriots fans angrily screamed “stand up” when they saw New England players sitting or kneeling during the anthem. ESPN showed the live playing of the anthem before the Cowboys’ 28-17 win over the Cardinals on MNF last week. Play-by-play announcer Sean McDonagh noted fans were booing the protesting players, but ESPN didn’t show them. Said McDonagh: “God Bless America.”

Actually, the real headline here is that ESPN does not want to show that there is any protest of protestors.

That fans are angry at the NFL players who kneel.

They want to hide the coverage that might question the liberal actions of players and the media.

After all, ESPN can’t even now lies to their audience just to push their liberal agenda.

Their latest “report” suggested that Americans are divided in their attitudes towards NFL protestors.

Aaaaeeehhhh. (That’s a buzzer noise for a wrong answer).

It’s actually pretty clear by the polls that many Americans are incredibly disgusted by the ridiculous and unpatriotic behavior of the players of the National Football League.

However, ESPN has decided to manipulate polls, facts, and stories just to keep their liberal dream alive.

Why do you think Raiders staffers were desperately trying to hide Marshawn Lynch?