Rand Paul Using Trump’s ‘Art of the Deal’ Memoir to Stop Obamacare Lite

This past week, I’d like to think Kentucky Senator Rand Paul compared the American Healthcare Act to a light beer as he coined Paul Ryan’s Obamacare replacement bill, “Obamacare Lite”.

A watered down version of Obamacare (And who wants to drink light beer?).

Paul has been a huge critic of the GOP-sponsored American Healthcare Act from its inception.

As Senator Paul met with leaders of the House Freedom Caucus this past Wednesday to discuss how exactly to stop “Obamacare Lite”, he carried a weapon with him.

According to Washington Examiner:

Pictures posted to Twitter by journalists show Paul, before the meeting, wearing a tuxedo and holding a copy of the president’s 1987 memoir. He brought several copies to the meeting.

The Washington Examiner asked Paul’s communications director, Sergio Gor, why Paul brought the books.

“Senator Rand Paul admires President Trump’s negotiation skills and thought it would be helpful for conservatives to brush up ahead of negotiating on the ‘Obamacare Lite’ legislation being offered by the House,” Gor said…

…Several members of the House Freedom Caucus walked out of the meeting with a copy of The Art of the Deal in tow.

Although Paul does not agree with the GOP-created American Healthcare Plan-nor Trump’s endorsement of said plan–he can appreciate Trump’s tactics and employ said tactics to make sure the Plan does not pass.

I’ll drink to that.