The REAL Racism in America Today Summed Up By a Single Meme


Speaking of racism:

University Newspaper Includes “No Whites Allowed” Opinion Section — by Calvin Frieburger

Back when institutionalized inequality really did plague the United States, the civil rights movement had one simple goal: a future in which race played no role in somebody’s treatment, opinions, and opportunities. A world where, in Dr. Martin Luther King’s famous words, the next generation’s children would “not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”

Thankfully, that’s the world we live in today — a world where, while no evil ever truly dies thanks to humanity’s fallen nature, racial discrimination truly has been purged from America’s institutions and white superiority has rightfully been exiled to the disreputable fringes of society. But thanks to a combination of liberals who exploit division and resentment for power and racial ideologues who can’t live without a war to fight, there’s an extremist movement so hellbent on America’s evil that it’s turned MLK’s principles completely upside-down. And it thrives on America’s college campuses.

The College Fix reports on the latest example, a new feature in Evergreen State College’s student newspaper, in which the opinion page is devoting a special section “for people of color by people of color.”

According to the paper’s editors, it’s necessary to cover issues “in the context and from the perspective of POC and POC only” because otherwise black students and issues are “overshadowed by the dark cloud that is living under white supremacy and having to see things from a white perspective.” Whatever that means.

The anonymous column, known as “POC Talk,” debuted in the bi-weekly Cooper Point Journal last year and returned this fall to the newspaper’s pages following racial unrest that erupted at the public university this past spring.

“Dear White people, please take a step back, this isn’t brown-people-answer-white-people’s-questions-hour, we’re asking specifically for submissions from POC,” the section’s editors added in their September intro. “As being told no seems to be a difficult concept for some of y’all I await your emails about the Irish, how the term white fragility is mean (great example of white fragility) and how we need to view people through a color-blind lens (just lol). You will 100% not get a response!!!”

Published in the Journal’s Letters & Opinion section, POC Talk says it provides “no-holds-barred commentary on local happenings.” In the inaugural POC Talk column, it was suggested that a subject touched on in the column could possibly include “how do I rid myself of white-dread [sic] roommate’s numerous micro-agressions.”

And what are these issues on which white opinions need not apply? One example says it all: the campus freakout over the summer surrounding Evergreen professor Bret Weinstein, respectfully criticizing and refusing to participate in a campus “Day of Absence” in which white students, faculty, and staff were expected to make themselves scarce.

Weinstein wrote that “On a college campus, one’s right to speak — or to be — should never be based on skin color” — a sentiment with which MLK would have heartily agreed — and denied “that anybody on our faculty, with intent, specially targets students of color.”

For these simple propositions — and the fact that he didn’t like being hysterically screamed at and harassed for uttering them — the POC column declared Weinstein and his wife “the textbook definition of white fragility and privilege.”

Does this sound like the work of building a more equal, harmonious world to you?