This Redneck Medical Dictionary Is 100% Hilarious!

Regan Pifer reports the best marketing strategy is insulting as many people as you possibly can in a very short period of time.

If that be the case, the Patagonia founder is doing an incredibly good job.

In his high and mighty, self-righteous tone, billionaire Yvon Chouinard called supporters of President Trump “rednecks” in a recent interview with Outside Online.

According to Young Conservatives, Chouinard “vowed to lead the charge against conservatives”:

“Why should we kowtow to these redneck voters and Republican politicians?” Choui­nard said. “The most you can achieve is a compromise, and that never solves a problem.”

Chouinard is right. I mean, when has compromise ever fixed anything? Besides millions of marriages and peace negotiations to end war.

But those are minor examples.

Why is Patagonia so frustrated with the Trump administration that they would join Hillary’s deplorable name-calling campaign?

Last month, Patagonia CEO Rose Marcario vowed to lead the so-called resistance against the president because he rolled back some of former President Barack Obama’s policies that allowed the federal government to confiscate millions of acres of state lands in the name of creating national monuments.

So… Patagonia execs are protesting President Trump’s attempt to roll back the far reaches of the federal government?

This is their issue? And is the name calling really all that necessary?

I guess the Federal government could maintain their right to take state lands and create national monuments–to keep the founders of Patagonia happy.

We could start by building a national monument of a redneck in every state in the Union.