Reebok Shames Trump For Complimenting France’s First Lady

Reebok. Ugly, white shoes for old men.

And, every once in awhile, they try and appeal to the female demographic.

How? Well, I haven’t figured that out. Because they haven’t been all that successful.

A quick Google search would suggest Reebok is employing in-shape models to push, again, ugly white shoes (and sometimes pink), tight hamstrings, and high buttocks.

According to The Daily Caller, during his most recent trip to France, President Trump “told Brigitte Macron, France’s First Lady, that she is ‘in such good shape…beautiful.'”

Ah, the irony. Because, as is obvious from all athletic advertisements, “Reebok routinely uses attractive, fit women–sometimes in sexualized poses–to sell their athletic apparel and shoes, which Twitter users pointed out.”

But, because they’re a struggling business, they use what they frame as a Trump gaffe to increase the image and appeal of Reebok.

Recently, they tweeted, “In case you were wondering when it IS appropriate to say, ‘You’re in such good shape…beautiful,’…THIS:

Others on Twitter called out Reebok by tweeting:

“@Reebok oh look, another company virtue signalling (sic) to nuffies. Meanwhile, this is how they market their products. They look in good shape…”

“Thank you, @Reebok, for your virtuous message about when it’s appropriate to complement (sic) a woman’s shape.”

“You use a lot of women’s asses to sell sneakers. Might want to ‘tone’ down the virtue-lecturing.”

Oh, and while Reebok is on their high horse, let’s remind you of their magnificent campaign they had back in 2012 (that was eventually pulled) that suggested men should “cheat on your girlfriend, not on your workout.”

There is nothing more disgusting than a company’s hypocrisy to push sneakers. And, ugly sneakers.