Reince Priebus May Be Next Out At Trump White House


With Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn out as National Security Secretary, the next shoe to drop might be Chief of Staff Reince Priebus.

Sources are telling Breitbart that Priebus is being blamed for the botched rollout of the executive order on immigration, temporarily halting travel from seven terror-prone countries. The same sources are saying that rather than being fired by Trump, Flynn was ousted by GOP establishment forces.

“Reince is responsible, ultimately, for the rollout of the immigration executive order,” one source told Breitbart. “He failed to get [Attorney General Jeff] Sessions on the calendar in the Senate in time for what he knew would be a highly controversial executive order. He was supposed to be this wizard in dealing with congressional Republicans, but has not been successful in getting anything serious done.”

It took much longer for Sessions to get confirmed than when former AG Eric Holder was confirmed at the beginning of the Obama Administration. Holder was confirmed on Feb. 2, it took another week before Sessions was confirmed.

The committee timelines for the two Attorneys general was different as well. It took much longer for Sessions’ nomination to pass committee. When Trump signed his executive order on Jan. 27, there were only a handful of Trump cabinet officials installed: Homeland Security, Defense, CIA Director and UN Ambassador. By that point, more than half of Obama’s cabinet was already filled.

A second source says that Priebus knew about Sally Yates, the Deputy Attorney General under former President Barack Obama’s administration who was given the temporary spot as Acting Attorney General during the transition process until the president fired her for having “betrayed” her duty to enforce the law, getting that top Justice Department job and the risks it entailed and did not inform the president of that or stop her from reaching that position.

A third source added that while Senate Democrats are certainly playing games in the Senate holding up President Trump’s nominees, Priebus is also not utilizing his relationships with GOP leaders—his supposed biggest selling point for landing the point job in the White House—to get Trump’s nominees through and his government up and running quickly.

Trump is still backing Priebus, telling reporters that while he refused to defend Flynn that “Reince is doing a good job. Not a good job, a great job.”

But there are many other potential “Sally Yates” – holdovers from the Obama Administration who have managed to stick around in the Trump era. There could be as many as 50, and Priebus knows who they are and what damage they may cause.

Sources say he’s not doing anything about it, and that’s the problem.