REPORT: NFL To Fund “Social Justice Boot Camp” For Players

Last week, TFPP reported that despite widespread protests and boycotts of the National Football League for its players actively disrespecting the National Anthem on the field, the league has decided that not only will it not crack down on players who refuse to stand for the anthem, it will explore alternative ways athletes can use the NFL’s platform to promote left-wing “social justice” narratives.

Well, today we’ve gotten our first hint of what exactly that is going to look like in practice. The Daily Caller reports that the NFL will be putting money into training for how its stars can be better liberal mouthpieces:

“The league has agreed to finance a social activism boot camp at Morehouse College in February,” ESPN’s Jim Trotter reported on Monday.

The boot camp will reportedly take place over two days and will include professional athletes from other leagues besides the NFL. “And then, the organizers of that curriculum will work with the players throughout the year to try and teach them to get their message out and be most effective with it,” Trotter added.

The NFL has also reportedly agreed to back criminal justice reform legislation recently introduced by a bipartisan group of senators.

Here are a few more details, courtesy of CBS Sports:

Trotter said in an appearence on “Outside The Lines” that the NFL is also discussing the creation of a PSA campaign regarding social issues and the potential for owners to organize meetings between players and politicians. The league has also “agreed to finance a social activism boot camp at Morehouse College in February,” Trotter reported.

The NFL’s official website confirmed all of this today, as well as provided a window into the league’s hopelessly out-of-touch thinking:

Among owners, there is a belief that most players — and all the owners — want to move past the protests, so that the focus can return to the issues, particularly because some of the players who have knelt during the national anthem in recent weeks have done it largely as a response to the president’s remarks. Owners feel the league simply can’t continue with the current situation, because it is angering too many people. Still, there is real uncertainty about how to resolve the controversy. Is an official change to the rules necessary, or could there be a less formal agreement? Would it be OK if players raise a fist during the anthem? And if there was an agreement that led to players no longer protesting, how would it be enforced — would there be fines for players who continue to protest?

Say, here’s a crazy thought: how about your players mustering a little humility and self-awareness and realizing that the fans who made their careers possible dislike the protests not only because they were insulting to our country, military, and police; and not only because they watch football in large part to get away from politics, but also because being famous and good at sports does not make someone qualified to speak intelligently about complex social issues and often-misreported controversies. It’s bad enough to be barraged with lectures you never asked for, and even worse when the lectures are nothing more than long-winded ignorance and stupidity.

It’s grating to see that despite the beating they’ve gotten so far, the NFL still hasn’t learned its lesson. What do you think it will take, or is the NFL beyond redemption at this point? Let us know in the comments!