Report: The “Ugly Patriarchal Truth;” Men Don’t Like Women

Bereft of ideas and unable to engage in a debate about the legitimate issues facing the country, the left along with the Democratic party that represents them have decided to go all-in on identity politics.

The current manifestation of this outbreak of collective hysteria is the #MeToo movement, which erupted late last year after Democrat donor and Hollywood movie mogul Harvey Weinstein was outed as a serial sexual predator.

This movement – which has since been turned into a political bludgeoning tool – was akin to throwing a match into a barrel of gasoline that ignited festering feminist resentment over the defeat of Hillary Clinton by now-President Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election.

What began with tens of thousands of women taking to the streets in knitted pink “pussy” hats and carrying signs with vulgar pictures of female reproductive organs quickly became a lynch mob with a parade of alleged victims speaking out after years of silence.

The movement has been legitimized by the media with Time Magazine’s coveted “Person of the Year” award going to the “Silence Breakers” and Sunday’s Golden Globe Awards serving as a launching pad for the presidential campaign of Oprah Winfrey.

But what it’s really about is a reigniting of the war between the sexes, a trope that has long been a cherished one for radical feminists because the truth is that man are just programmed to hate women.

Liberal writer Kollibri terre Sonnenblume lays out his thesis on this at the far-left website Counterpunch.

The following is excerpted from his piece “The Ugly Patriarchal Truth: In the US, Most Men Simply Don’t Like Women”:

 Sexual abuse and harassment have been getting some overdue attention lately from the online #MeToo movement and with the IRL exposures of high profile perpetrators in Hollywood and DC. Also contributing to increasing awareness for the past year has been the presence in the Oval Office of a verifiable rake. The fact that more men are now questioning their own behavior is a good thing. It’s only a start but it’s requisite for social progress.

We’ll see how far it goes. We are just scratching the surface, considering the depth and breadth of sexism in our culture.

At the basic, person-to-person level, we face a tremendous challenge in the US: Most men simply don’t like women.

By “like” I mean genuinely appreciate, respect and value as another human being of equal worth.

This bears immediate repeating: Most men don’t appreciate, respect or value women as human beings […]

The statement, “I do not appreciate, respect or value women as human beings of equal worth,” does not literally come into most men’s thoughts. They are unaware of their own inner expectations and of the social factors that molded them. It’s true that one could say the same about most women – our society lacks in curiosity-seekers across the board – but that would be missing the point. All else being equal – including ignorance – about one half of the population is considered superior to the other half. The “inferior” half, moreover, is regularly subjected to a range of abusive treatment including violence. Additional institutional factors include economic inequities like less pay for the same work and social injustices like lack of access to reproductive health care. This is only part of the picture […]

Seeing Patriarchy does not require magic powers. Intrinsically, everyone has the ability to do so. In practice, though, many do not. However, it does seem a general rule that the less privilege one has in society, the more likely one is to see it clearly. This makes perfect sense: the more you benefit from the system, the less reason you have to give it a second thought at all. It’s about agitation and friction. The rougher the ride, the less you can sleep.

The author’s screed is a serious mishmash of leftist mumbo-jumbo, but what can you expect from a guy who starts out with a quote by avowed communist and Black Panther militant Angela Davis?

Sadly, Sonnenblume’s theory that men don’t like women is not merely the meanderings of a liberal fruitcake whose literary canon consists of books like “Adventures in Urban Bike Farming” and articles like “Hey White People: We’ve Got to Stop Claiming We’re Not Racist” have become mainstreamed among the left and their representatives in the media.

What we are really witnessing here is an explosion of misandry that has taken on characteristics that are also common to authoritarian fascists. The #MeToo movement could be more accurately called what it is – the war on men.

But don’t expect it to die down anytime soon, at least not until after the Democrats have gone scorched Earth all the way up to the 2020 election.