Report: White House Leakers Have Been Found

According to One America News Network’s White House Correspondent, Trey Yingst, the White House leakers have been found and will be fired upon the President’s return from his Middle East trip.

From his social media account, he claimed that there are three leakers who have been handing out classified information (though no names were given).

In another (now deleted Tweet), he stated that he also knew the office in which they work.

SCOOP INFO: I’m told the names of the leakers are being run by the Office of Government Ethics, which is why they aren’t immediately fired.

However, he recanted that and deleted several other tweets about OGE.

Yingst did not name his source for the report that the leakers have been identified. He still has yet to clarify his previous statements on the OGE claim. If true though, that the leakers are now known, it will be a desperately-needed breakthrough for the White House in getting their act together.

As Breitbart noted, leaking classified information is a federal felony, and criminal prosecution is certainly a plausible next step. If the President does not prosecute those who have been working to undermine him, it will only continue and the office of the Presidency will have almost not clout or ability to lead.

Whereas some leaks of classified information has been for purposes of exposing government wrongdoing (Edward Snowden’s revelations of dragnet surveillance by the NSA and other agencies), these leaks appear to be simply for the purpose of undermining the Trump administration.

That’s dangerous for proper governance, and the leakers must be held to account.