Reporter Wears MAGA Hat in NYC; Here’s What Happened

New York Post reporter Dean Balsimini braved the liberal streets of New York City donning the iconic red, “Make America Great Again” cap and swiftly got an in-person dose of “liberal tolerance.”

Balsimini hit the streets of Brooklyn and Manhattan to see what would happen if he dared to support President Trump and his first stop kicked off the tour of left-wing intolerance. He wrote: “The mere sight of my cap nearly caused a riot at the historic Stonewall Inn on Christopher Street — site of the 1969 riots that launched the gay rights movement.”

“You come into a gay bar — THIS gay bar — with THAT hat!” one woman scolded him as a large crowd gathered round.

The next stop, Soho’s celeb infested La Esquina, saw a waiter whine at the sight of the red cap: “Oh my God, do you see that? Is he serious? Is he kidding me?” Balsimini and his dining companion were then reportedly shuffled off to a back table where his support of the president wouldn’t bee seen.

At another restaurant — Sylvia’s soul food restaurant in Harlem — server Patrick Bros noted after Balsimini finished his meal that he was surprised by the hat but that his response was “whatever.”

Others didn’t echo Bros’ sentiment.

As Balsimini browsed the various stalls along 125th Street near the Apollo Theater, one individual told a street vendor “Don’t talk to him!”

Balsimini wrote:

Hipsters and trustafarians along Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg either did a double take, or shot me a death stare or a snarky remark.

“Take off that stupid f—ing hat!” one skinny-jeans wearer sneered.

At high-end chapeau peddler Goorin Bros., I overheard a salesman tell his colleague, “I’m losing my sh–!” as I walked in. When I asked him to hold my hat while I admired a fedora, he grimaced.

“I’m surprised nobody’s knocked that hat off your head!” a mother of two scolded me as we crossed paths along Central Park West and 63rd Street. “Make America Great Again — right!”

On the sidewalk near Lincoln Center, I spotted comedian Chris Rock and asked him to join me in a selfie. He raised his palm, and kept on walking.

And so ends another saga outing the farce that is leftist tolerance.