Republicans Are So Unpopular, They Control More Politically Than They Ever Have in American History

Polls have been all over the news lately, all about Trump’s low approval rating, and the suposed unpopularity of the Republican Party, yet the GOP now controls more states politically than ever before.

For some reason, many Americans still trust polls as fact, in spite of their humiliating failure to predict President Trump’s election.

Some of the biggest, most reputable pollsters out there made the now laughable prediction that Hillary would beat Trump by a landslide.

Remember this nonsense?

Too bad for the Democrats, this happened:

Yet somehow, the media still trusts polls when discussing Trump’s approval ratings, and the popularity of the Republican party at large.

Here’s some real hard facts to remember about Republicans:

Republicans control 34 state governorships. That’s more than ever before in U.S. history, and it’s incredible!

Republicans are breaking other records as well, controlling more “trifectas” than it ever has before.  The GOP now controls both the governorship and state legislatures in an astounding 26 states.

Meanwhile, Democrats have this puny map to brag about. Just 6 states have a liberal “trifecta.” Rhode Island, Connecticut, Deleware, Oregon, California, and Hawaii. That’s it!

Just to put that into perspective, 48% of Americans live in a Republican trifecta state, and just 17 percent in a Democrat trifecta state.

So the next time you hear about the decline of the Republicans or some nonsense about their ‘unpopularity,’ take a second to remember that you live in the real world, where talk is cheap and the truth matters.

H/T: Independent Journal Review