Republicans BANNED From Women’s Round Table Event

The left likes to claim they are ‘inclusive and tolerant’ but their actions always speak louder than their words.

Time and time again you see examples of the vitriol, hatred, and violence from the left towards anyone who doesn’t agree with their ideology. So much for tolerance and inclusivity.

Story. In yet another show of how tolerant and accepting the left is of others, an Orange Coast College professor decided to BAN Republicans from a women’s round table event. As The Washington Examiner reported:

The Orange Coast Republicans Club have filed a formal complaint against Orange Coast College professor Jessica Ayo Alabi for preventing Republican students from attending public events on campus. According to the club, three of its members were shut out of the African-American/Women’s round table discussion in the Multicultural Center hosted for Women’s History Month in March of 2017.

On May 16, the OCC Republicans Club was made aware of an email written by Alabi to various campus officials, in it stating that she prevented the students from attending the event because they belonged to the club. In the email she also stated, “If the college will not stand up to the Republicans club, I have decided to stand up for myself and other students.”

Complaint. The OCC Republicans have also filed a formal complaint against the professor’s actions. It seems those who head the college don’t actually care if Republicans are discriminated against because they’re Republicans. One of the complaints is the following:

That Orange Coast College will take measures to start, or improve, training for faculty and staff on how to respect students’ rights, viewpoints, and be trained on what viewpoint discrimination is to prevent future instances.

These colleges waste so much time and money on snowflake causes that when there are actual instances of discrimination, they often go ignored because the students being discriminated against don’t fit the left-wing mold.

Why this matters? Every single day there are new stories about the horrifying behavior of leftists on college campuses. Unfortunately, the administrators are often just as bad and do nothing to end it.

Colleges and universities used to be a place where students would discuss ideas and be open to diversity in thought. That seems to have taken a drastic turn since a majority of professors are extreme left wingers. Rather than diversity of thought, they promote vitriol, hatred and suppression of those who don’t agree.