Revealed: The Next Pathetic Frontier in Redefining Marriage


As the amount couples spend on weddings insanely skyrockets, there’s a new trend in self-indulgence and the redefinition of marriage in America — marrying yourself.

Yeah, unfortunately you read that right. Good Housekeeping did a feature about the trend of self-marriage where people pretty much show why they’re single in the first place … Take a look at this excerpt:

“I choose you today,” [Erika Anderson] said. Later she tossed the bouquet to friends and downed two shots of whiskey, one for herself and one for herself. She had planned the event for weeks, sending invitations, finding the perfect dress, writing her vows, buying rosé and fresh baguettes and fruit tarts from a French bakery. For the decor: an array of shot glasses emblazoned with the words “You and Me.” In each one, a red rose.

“It wasn’t an easy decision,” she noted on the wedding invitations. “I had cold feet for 35 years. But then I decided it was time to settle down. To get myself a whole damn apartment. To celebrate birthday #36 by wearing an engagement ring and saying: YES TO ME. I even made a registry, because this is America.”

I’m going to hope that isn’t the case and it’s just a small subset of bizarre, self-centered individuals, but she’s probably right …

GH continued:

Self-marriage is a small but growing movement, with consultants and self-wedding planners popping up across the world. In Canada, a service called Marry Yourself Vancouver launched this past summer, offering consulting services and wedding photography. In Japan, a travel agency called Cerca Travel offers a two-day self-wedding package in Kyoto: You can choose a wedding gown, bouquet, and hairstyle, and pose for formal wedding portraits. On the website I Married Me, you can buy a DIY marriage kit: For $50, you get a sterling silver ring, ceremony instructions, vows, and 24 “affirmation cards” to remind you of your vows over time. For $230, you can get the kit with a 14-karat gold ring.

It’s not a legal process — you won’t get any tax breaks for marrying yourself. It’s more a “rebuke” of tradition, says Rebecca Traister, author of All the Single Ladies: Unmarried Women and the Rise of an Independent Nation. “For generations, if women wanted to have economic stability and a socially sanctioned sex life or children, there was enormous social and economic pressure to do that within marriage,” she says. “Personally, as someone who lived for many years single and then did get married, I know that the kind of affirmation I got for getting married was unlike anything I’d ever had in any other part of my life.” That, she adds, is “incredibly unjust.”

It is not “incredibly unjust” to celebrate the choice of a man and a woman making a commitment to one another for life to provide a stable environment for future children, and if not future children, for each other.

That is something to be celebrated.

It’s not about the wedding itself either, although the wedding industry and the media have made it seem as if that’s the case.

Not surprisingly, this “trend” focuses on the celebratory part of marriage that has gotten out of hand, weddings, and often does take away from what you’re celebrating — the huge, lifelong commitment a man and a woman are pledging to one another before God.

This whole “trend” is an unsurprising outgrowth of the participation trophy, social justice warrior, modern feminist culture.

These people want the celebration afforded to those creating a family without actually doing so. What’s next, baby showers for women who don’t want to have children?

Here’s the second part these self-indulgent individuals forgot — the responsibility that comes with marriage.

Although it’s a wonderful thing, there is a great deal of responsibility that comes with marriage that a single person doesn’t have to worry about.

That’s pretty typical of most of today’s “equal rights” movements though, no matter what group we’re talking about — they want all the perks without any of the responsibilities and downsides.

This is yet another example of the redefinition of marriage and the breakdown of society that comes with it. Divorce, adultery, same-sex marriage, out-of-wedlock children. No big deal! Let’s throw parties and celebrate selfishness! Why not, it’s just the breakdown of the family and as such, society, at stake.

And that is precisely what those on the left want. They want the government to become your “family” so that they can have ultimate control.

If you don’t want to get married, or you haven’t found the right person, that’s fine, but you shouldn’t get the celebration that goes along with doing so.

Do something that is worth celebrating and then you know, have a celebration. Choosing to be single is up to you, but it’s not worthy of the celebration that a marriage deserves.

How about you go and do something with your life to greatly benefit others that you couldn’t do if you were married, and maybe then a celebration would be in order for a contribution to society worth venerating.

But then again, people that would do that aren’t looking for the pat on the back, are they?

H/T Hot Air