Rich White College Kids Wear White Puzzle Pieces To Show How Privileged They Are

white people

Delicate white students at a $50,000-per-year elite liberal college want black people to know they suffer from “white privilege.”

The college – which is about two percent black wants the world to know they respect diversity and inclusion … and that they — the lilly-white people at the elite, private, liberal arts college — are “privileged.”

They’re showing their awareness by wearing white puzzle pieces on their shirts in this all-white part of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

Isn’t that awesome? And the best part is: it will accomplish absolutely nothing.

But with so few black people to talk to about race on the campus, the white college students decided to converse amongst themselves about just how privileged they are to be white.

“Discussions about race are often perceived as being only open to people of color, but I think it is just as important for white people to partake in conversations about race,” Aileen Ida, president of the College Democrats, told The College Fix via email.

Aileen said white people don’t have to be the only ones to wear the pin … the few dozen black students on campus can wear it too! But, of course, that would be a bit strange. I mean, I’m pretty sure they stick out in this elite, lily-white school anyway.

“I believe that this [inherent white privilege] can be seen in the day-to-day life of people of color versus the day-to-day life of white people,” Ida said. “Most people of color don’t have a choice but to consider how their race affects their life on a daily basis, this is not true for most white people.”

So the few black students attending Elizabethtown College can now expect even more uncomfortably creepy smiles and waves from white people who feel even more guilty about being white.

According to CollegeFactual, the school has 1,788 students total. Only 250 of them are not white and of those, 46 are African American. Forty-six.

According to the movement’s Facebook page, their first event on Saturday was pretty sparse – attended by six people. I wonder if they were all white and weepy.

It might be hard to find a black student on the campus of Elizabethtown College, but they’ll look for them with that condescending pin on their shirt and that pandering smile. And they will find them.