Ridiculously Racist Campaign Mailers Look Like A Setup

Some illegal and racist campaign ads for a school board election in New Jersey are so over-the-top offensive that one wonders if they’re not a clumsy decoy.

The mailers attacked two Asian candidates in Edison Township. Their pictures are featured with the word “DEPORT” stamped over them and they demand to “Make Edison Great Again.”

Residents received the anonymous mailers last week, which claim Chinese and Indian residents are taking over the town before invoking President Donald Trump’s signature campaign slogan.

The two candidates are Jerry Shi and Falguni Patel – US Citizens, for the record.

The mailers are illegal because the do not identify who paid for them.

Of course, the two candidates seized on the mailers, expressing the requisite amount of disgust. Both candidates are Democrats.

“I was born and raised in New Jersey,” Falguni Patel said. “To see the word ‘deport’ on my picture…really it’s just outrageous,” ABC7 reports.

Democratic Mayor Tom Lankey said it was a “sad reality” in this day and age when certain people feel empowered to express “these vile ideas” and Republican Mayoral candidate Keith Hahn vowed to find the “anonymous cowards” behind the mailers.

The outside of the mailers make several demands, including “Stop the overcrowding!”, “Stop taking over our sports fields!”, “Stop the outsiders!”, and finally “Let’s take back our Edison.”

Inside, the attacks continued: “The Chinese and Indians are taking over our town. Chinese school! Indian school! Cricket fields! Enough is enough.”

As the news got national attention, New Jersey Democrat Sen. Bob Menendez jumped on the mailers as an example of how horribly racist people can be.

The Democratic mayor then came out with a long statement denouncing the mailers and taking a veiled swipe at Trump.

“A despicable campaign flyer was distributed around town today. Edison has proudly embraced our ethnic, cultural and religious diversity. My Administration, in keeping with our progressive Democratic principles, has supported and encouraged our newest residents to get involved in public affairs, to run for elected office, to work in public service, and to hold appointed posts on local boards and commissions. It has become a sad reality that in our polarized political atmosphere, some people suddenly feel empowered to publicly express these vile nativist ideas.  … Rest assured, I will investigate the source of this racist flyer and will react swiftly to any potential threats that result from it being disseminated in my community.”

Edison Township is 45 percent foreign born and has a large Asian-American community. The two candidates – Shi and Patel – released a joint statement, calling the mailers “un-American.”

“Those who are responsible for these actions should be held accountable. When our naysayers go low, we will go high and double our efforts to build a better future together. We will continue to focus on our campaign and work for the students and taxpayers of this town that we love.”

What do you think? Are these mailers just so racist and over the top that it sends up red flags? Is this exactly the kind of thing that Democrats think Republicans and Trump supporters would do? Sound off below!