RNC Was Never Hacked By The Russians – But Don’t Tell That To The CIA


The mainstream media is obsessed with the Russian hacking of the Democratic National Committee as absolute proof that Vladimir Putin himself was trying to meddle with the election to ensure a Donald Trump victory.

But what they’re not telling you is that they tried to hack into the Republican National Committee, but failed.

Russian hackers tried to get into the network of the RNC but failed to penetrate its security defenses, CNBC is reporting.

Their attempts were described as “less aggressive” and “much less persistent” than the attack on the DNC – possibly because the DNC was doing such a piss-poor job in their defenses. Only one staffer’s email account was targeted.

The report comes after a fraught election campaign where senior U.S. national security officials concluded that Russian intelligence agencies hacked the Democratic National Committee. U.S. intelligence services said they stole emails from Democratic officials, including the chairman of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. Russian officials have strongly denied the accusations.


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What started as a phishing campaign – to gather information – later turned into a focus of the leaked emails about Hillary Clinton and Democrats, the reports indicate.

This flies in the face of the CIA’s assessment that “the Russian entities hacked both Democrats and Republicans and only the Democratic information was leaked,” they said.

In fact, the RNC called the FBI in back in June after the first Wikileaks hack of the DNC. They spotted the hack and increased their security measures.

The FBI knew for months that the RNC was also a victim of a hacking attempt, which would blow the CIA’s analysis out of the water.

That’s why the FBI was so reluctant to hop on to the CIA’s assessment that the Russian hacking was done to ensure a Trump victory. From HotAir:

Their conclusion that the leaks were intended to boost Donald Trump are entirely predicated on the theory that the hackers had gained access to data from both parties. If the Russians had inside information on both Democrats and Republicans but only publicized the former, then one could conclude they were playing favorites. But if they didn’t hack both parties, then this goes from an operation to elect Donald Trump to a much-more plausible explanation: the Russians wanted to sow confusion and doubt, not elect someone in particular.  (As I pointed out on Tuesday, the notion that Russia feared a Hillary win is somewhat difficult to buy, given her actions at State.)