Rosie O’Donnell Apologizes To N. Korean Leader For Donald Trump

Rosie O’Donnell had an important – and rather treasonous – message to give to Kim Jong-un about President Donald Trump.

To deliver this impassioned plea to North Korea’s murderous dictator, she donned a pig nose and ears and adopted a squeaky voice, courtesy of the app Snapchat. Because nothing is better when you’re siding with the enemy than making yourself look like an idiot.

“Hi Mr. Kim, Jong-un,” the leftist celebrity and self-proclaimed arch-nemesis to the President said in an idiotic falsetto. “Sorry if I didn’t pronounce that right.  Anyway, sir – our President Donald is a moron. Don’t listen to him … we don’t.”

There are two things that should be noted here. First, of course, is that O’Donnell is apologizing for a U.S. President and siding with a man who is the world’s single greatest dictator. North Korea is less a country and more a massive torture and brainwash chamber, where millions starve, thousands die and hundreds of thousands are locked up in concentration camps. He killed his family members and has continuously threatened his neighbors.

His anti-American rhetoric makes Trump’s “fire and fury” comment look like an invitation to a tea party by comparison.

O’Donnell is literally siding with the enemy – apologizing for our president and appealing to North Korea to ignore American interests.

But perhaps most important, Rosie decided to make this declaration with a video filter that makes her look like a complete idiot.

Does she know how stupid she looks? Does she realize that if she wanted to impart any gravitas at all, it was lost by trying to look and sound like that?

Probably not. And some of her 1 million Twitter followers seemed oblivious as well.

Luckily, most of the responses pointed out that the washed-up comedian has – again – completely lost touch with reality.

It seems Rosie needs some serious mental counseling. As a compassionate person, I hope she gets the help she needs. I hear North Korea has some fantastic institutions she could visit.