Rotary International Just Gave Every Conservative Member Reason to Quit


The service organization Rotary International has decided to make a move that will surely alienate Second Amendment supporters across the country. The organization, which has 35,000 clubs across the country consisting of around 1.2 million members, decided to implement rules that shun the firearms industry and those who wish to exercise their Second Amendment rights.

Bearing Arms reported:

At the start of the new year, the foundation instated new rules prohibiting its clubs from accepting sponsorships from, or co-branding with, firearms or weapons companies.

Clubs were also warned against hosting gun shows, gun sporting events or hunts – all of which are used as fundraising events for the organization and its humanitarian programs.

One of the notices reportedly read:

The RI Board would not take kindly upon knowing that Rotary clubs are sponsoring or hosting gun and knife shows or that the clubs are hosting or sponsoring shooting tournaments and hunts. We would appreciate your assistance in passing on this information to the clubs in your areas and, if you would, ask any clubs that may already be sponsoring or hosting gun/knife shows, shooting tournaments and/or hunts to cease such activity.

It didn’t take long after the policy was implemented for clubs to complain about the shocking, anti-Second Amendment stance.

The board responded to the frustrations of members by agreeing to take a look at the policy and offer more details once they’ve done so.

In the meantime, clubs are reportedly permitted to continue with their firearms-related events as planned pending the review.

We’ll see what happens with this, and hopefully the organization wises up, otherwise they may find themselves with a much smaller membership should they choose to thumb their nose at those who exercise their Second Amendment rights.