Rush Limbaugh BREAKS With Trump Over NFL Kneelers

Rush Limbaugh is taking issue with President Donald Trump over his handling of the NFL and players who refuse to stand in honor of the American Flag and the National Anthem.

On his show Wednesday, he said it was the NFL owners’ job – not President Trump’s – to control the actions of their employees.

Trump and most Americans have been livid that the NFL has allowed protest demonstrations and displays during their games. Some players – or entire teams will “take a knee” during the game now, without fear of repercussion.

Limbaugh said that no matter how this shakes out, standing up for the American Flag, for our veterans, for the military – for America is going to be a political victory for Trump. He just doesn’t think any government employee should be mandating patriotism. From his website:

Trump is continually tweeting — I know what he’s doing, and I understand why he’s doing it, and his motives are pure; don’t misunderstand. But I don’t think that it is useful or helpful for any employee anywhere to be forced to do something because the government says they must. That scares hell out of me. This should come from the league, as it looks like Goodell wants it to. The owners should be demanding this, not the president. The commissioner should be demanding this, not the president.

We don’t want the president being able to demand anybody that he’s unhappy with behave in a way he requires. That’s scary to me, even if the president’s somebody I happen to like. This is a workplace issue. It’s the owners and the league that let this get out of hand because they didn’t know how to deal with it or were afraid to.

And if this is gonna be made to work, the players are gonna have to be told who the boss is and they’re gonna have to be given specific workplace rules and regulations that they know have nothing to do with the Constitution, the First Amendment, freedom of speech. If you want to work for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, you are gonna stand for the anthem. If you want to work for Dallas Cowboys, you’re gonna stand for the anthem.

But I’m really nervous if all that happens because the president makes it happen. He can make it happen by forcing the owners. But this is a slippery slope to me, and it hit me a while ago and crystallized last night. Trump is in the right, don’t misunderstand. But no president should have dictatorial power over individual behavior.

A president should not be able to tell the owners of a business how their employees are gonna act and what they’re gonna swear allegiance to and all that. That’s up to the owners to do, and it’s up to the owners to come up with a system of punishment if their employees violate company policy, like it is in any other business.

They don’t own the stage, they don’t have a right to it. Theirs is a privilege just like every employee’s is. You don’t own where you work unless you do. You’re always subject to the rules, guidelines, and wishes of the people who do own the business. The NFL should be no different. But when the NFL misjudges its audience and doesn’t know who its audience is and the NFL is afraid of its players, then the inmates start running the asylum.

What do you think? Now that Trump has brought this to light, should he back off and let the owners sort it out? Sound off below!