Sad Evolution of Liberals, From The Cold War to Today


Robert Gehl explains that this is how liberals argue:

A very unhappy student was apparently so traumatized by seeing a pro-Donald Trump and pro-religious sign that she just couldn’t stop screaming.

For nearly two minutes, the student screams directly at Preacher Eric Bostrom on the campus of Western Washington University, who is on campus holding a double-sided sign. One side reads: “Trump: Borders, Laws, Jobs, Liberty, USA” and the other side reads “Jesus Judges You: Repent or Perish.”

This was all too much for the student, who Bostrom said was an arts major.

When one person – presumably a student – approached her, she brushed them off and continued screaming. She seemed to be pulling things out of her purse – maybe paint – and throwing it on the ground or drawing on the ground.

“She must be off her meds,” the preacher proclaims. “This is why I do not support the legalization of marijuana.”

As the screaming continued, someone who appeared to be a concerned administrator walked up. “Call the police, bitch,” was her only response before continuing the scream-fest.

Several media have contacted the school for comment, but there was none forthcoming.

H/T: CampusReform