SAD: What Liberals Have Become in Trump’s America


Sierra Marlee writes that Sally Kohn epitomizes what it is to be a sore loser, and seems to do so with pride.

We are now almost a full month into Donald Trump’s presidency and Kohn is now tweeting out a “straightforward” way to replace President Trump with Hillary Clinton. The 5-step plan hinges on both Trump and Vice President Mike Pence doing something worthy of impeachment, and she’d better hope they don’t cling to their seat the way President Bill Clinton did after his impeachment.

Kohn’s biggest mistake, though, was posting this utter nonsense on Twitter. Users roundly rejected her idea and many gave her a very public verbal flogging, including progressives, Clinton voters, and others who dislike Trump.

You know your idea was bad when even people on your side of the aisle are telling you that you need to shove a sock in it.