Salon: Memes Are A Bigger Threat To Democracy Than Fake News

Unless you’ve been living under a rock lately, you’re aware of the meme with President Trump on Wrestlemania “beating up” a man covering his face, and CNN being photo-shopped onto it.

Of course, this imagery simply symbolizes Trump’s relationship with the establishment media.

He has made it incredibly clear that he considers CNN, and news outlets like CNN, to be fake news, he has little room, time, or patience for journalists of said outlets.

The meme, I think, is comical.

Others, however, like the incredibly dramatic snowflakes of Salon magazine, consider these memes the most dangerous threat to democracy.

They must get exhausted by their own theatrics.

According to The Daily Caller, Salon calls alt-right memes “a bigger threat to American democracy than ‘fake news'”:

Pennsylvania State University professor Sophia A. McClennen argued that President Donald Trump’s tweeting of a CNN gif demonstrates the influence of the alt-right in the national conversation about American politics.

“But the real story here is not about Trump; it’s about the increasing power and presence of alt-right communication on various social media platforms, from Twitter to YouTube to Reddit to Facebook,” McClennen notes.

Americans should be worried about the use of alt-right memes and posts, not only because of their “violence,” but because of how they carry more weight than fake news, McClennen said.

Indeed, America.

You should be terrified of pictures…with…wait for it, WORDS ON THEM.


That IS frightening.

McClennen says these memes “have major success in shaping public opinion” and “rants are likely far more influential than fake news in shaping political perception.”

Folks, get this!

There are IDEAS, critical perspectives of the commonly-accepted liberal messages, that could INFLUENCE people.

Gasp. Clutch chest. Faint.

Yeah, clever pictures and words may be more effective in influencing portions of the population than elitist liberals droning on and on about the evils of President Trump.

Go figure…

McClennen wrote “what this week’s Trump Twitter war against the mainstream news media teaches us is that CNN should be worried–but not about Trump’s attacks, rather about the fact that an increasing number of U.S. citizens are forming their political ideas based on alt-right rants, and not on anything that even remotely resembles information.”

Huh? What?

Are you pulling a Hillary and referring to millions of Americans as ignorant deplorables?

Elitist and insulting. THAT is deplorable.