Schools To Use Math Class To Teach ‘Social Justice’

Just because you’re not interesting in having your son or daughter learn about “social justice,” “diversity,” and “race privilege,” that doesn’t mean they won’t.

Because increasingly, schools across the country are developing math and science curriculums that incorporate these leftist notions of the modern world.

One such curriculum, “Teaching Social Justice Through Secondary Mathematics,” is a course designed by Teach for America and is offered by Harvard, MIT, and Columbia University, Campus Reform reports.

The course, unveiled a couple weeks ago, aims to teach instructors how to create lesson plans that incorporate social justice to “raise their students’ awareness.”

And you thought math awareness was all about numbers.

“Do you ask students to think deeply about global and local social justice issues within your mathematics classroom?” a course overview asks. “This education and teacher training course will help you blend secondary math instruction with topics such as inequity, poverty, and privilege to transform students into global thinkers and mathematicians.”

The website claim that their curriculum can even help students learn math because it takes the subject out of the realm of the abstract, and because setting “the mathematics within a specially-developed social justice framework can help students realize the power and meaning of both the data and social justice concerns.”

Instructors taking the online course are provided sample ideas for lessons they could create, like using math to teach students about “Unpaid Work Hours in the Home by Gender” and “Race and Imprisonment Rates in the United States.”

“For centuries, mathematics has been used as a dehumanizing tool,” they write, citing the example of how IQ can be used against people who score in the lower half of the distribution.

Use math to advocate for “marginalized people,” they say. They can use math to “subvert power, question normalcy and change society as we understand it.”

Can you imagine your daughter coming home from college and telling you she learned how to “subvert authority” in calculus class?

Here’s the best part: they insist that “social justice” can be taught “without bias.”

“This is not an opportunity for a teacher to impose his or her beliefs on the students. It is important to choose topics about which you feel you can be pedagogically neutral,” they state, clarifying that “Quality social justice and mathematics exploration in the K-12 classroom should be apolitical and non-agenda-driven.”

What a bunch of nonsense. Pretending you’re without bias while indoctrinating your kids in a math class about how to “subvert authority” is unforgivably Orwellian.