Secret Service Detain Man At White House Checkpoint, Claiming To Have A Car Bomb

An unnamed man was detained by the Secret Service late Saturday night after he drove his car to a White House checkpoint about a quarter mile from the White House and claimed to have a bomb inside his car.

According to CNN, there was no indication yet of whether or not the man had a device in his car, but law enforcement shut down the area around the checkpoint and upgraded security at the White House while bomb technicians inspected the vehicle.

Four hours later, the checkpoint in question remained blocked, but streets re-opened, and bomb technicians and other additional security personnel left the area.

In a statement, the Secret Service confirmed that at 11:05 p.m. EST Saturday, an individual drove his car to a checkpoint near the White House where the Secret Service detained the man and “declared his vehicle suspicious.”

“In accordance with proper protocols, Secret Service personnel increased their posture of readiness,” the statement read. “Due to the fact that this is an on-going criminal investigation, the Secret Service will not provide any further details at this time.”

At the time of the incident, President Donald Trump was not at the White House. He is spending the weekend with his family at his Mar-a-Lago club in Florida.

This sort of incident is the third in recent weeks, and it was not the first on Saturday. Earlier in the day, a man was detained by the Secret Service after he jumped a bicycle rack in front of the White House. According to CNN, the man did not have a weapon and was carrying a document that he wanted to deliver to the president. He also never made it to the White House fence.

On March 10, a man was arrested for breaching the White House security rings by jumping three separate fences to find himself on the White House grounds for 16 minutes. The man, identified as Jonathan Tran, was so close to the White House that he was able to see through windows and rattle the handle to a White House door.

H/T: The Blaze