Sen. Tim Scott Responds to VILE Racist Tweet in Best Way Possible


Sen. Tim Scott responded to a racist tweet recently in which an individual referred to Scott and William Smith, both black men that testified on behalf of Sen. Jeff Sessions during his attorney general confirmation hearing, as “house niggas.”

Twitter troll @Simonalisa, in a now deleted tweet, wrote: “William Smith and Tim Scott are house niggas.”


Scott responded to @Simonalisa’s racist slur with a succinct response that deftly corrected her with one word: “Senate.”

The South Carolina GOP Senator pointed out that he and Smith — who was previously a Sen. Sessions aide — worked in the Senate, not the “house.”

Scott added a bit of advice:

Sadly, people like the aforementioned Twitter troll won’t likely heed his advice, but it is still worth saying.

Scott’s classy response to the vile racism expressed in the tweet — of the kind that many other black conservatives and Republicans are subjected to — called attention to the ignorance of the left that resorts to this kind of vile attack when someone decides to think for themselves and break away from the constraints of identity politics.

H/T The Daily Caller