Senator Warren Wants to Use Power of the SEC to End Free Speech


Liberal Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren is looking for ways to end the free speech of those with whom she disagrees and now she has decided she can use the power of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to prohibit advocacy groups and companies from “saying whatever they want about Washington policy debates.”

According to The Federalist, Warren sent a letter to SEC Chairwoman Mary Jo White demanding an investigation be launched into supposed “discrepancies between statements insurance executives made to their investors and complaints these same individuals made about the impact new government regulations would have on their businesses.”

The senator who made herself infamous with decades of false claims that she had American Indian blood in her family line thinks the power to attack such companies could come from new regulations meant to make it tougher for investment firms to handle retirement funds.

In her letter, social justice warrior Warren claims she sees these “discrepancies” in these company statements and demanded the investigation, though she stopped short of accusing the companies she listed of breaking the law outright.

“Corporate interests have become accustomed saying whatever they want about Washington policy debates, with little accountability when their predictions prove to be inaccurate,” the extremely liberal Senator said in her missive.

“While I am hesitant to make a direct accusation that these companies have violated these securities laws with their directly contradictory statements about the impact of the DOL Conflict of Interest rule on their business models, I believe the circumstances justify initiating a prompt and thorough SEC investigation,” she added.

Naturally, Warren’s move is yet another payoff to the lawyer groups that have given her millions in campaign donations.

Add this move to attack companies Warren disagrees with to her other efforts to quash free speech with her constant attempts to undermine and denigrate the Supreme Court’s Citizen United decision that allowed advocacy groups to speak out against political opponents during an election year.

The full text of Warren’s letter can be seen by clicking HERE.